Friday, June 1, 2007

I like popsicles!

Last week when we were both sick, Wanda went out and got popsicles. I figured she'd bring home a cheap bag of pops, and that would be it. But no- she couldn't decide which ones, and she wanted ones with real fruit. She ended up bringing home something like 8 boxes of not cheap popsicles. But they are tasty! Oh boy! Especially the strawberry ones, which are basically strawberries smooshed up and frozen onto sticks. Me like.

So tomorrow is June 2, which is Stephen's birthday. I bought him a selection of McMenamin's brews, and a t-shirt to go with. And I'm driving down in the morning- plan to take him out to lunch and goof around a bit. He's going out bar-hopping with his buddies later in the evening. I might drop in on Lydia after I drop Steve off.

It looks like I'll actually make an event next week! I was too sick to go to Egils, which sucked, but I should be able to make it to Stinky War in Nordholt. Nice, small event, a bit lower stress than Egils. Hopefully my lungs (which are a bit irritated at the moment) will cooperate. Would be nice if the weather did too.

And only 49 days to HP #7!!!!! w00T!

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