Monday, July 14, 2014

The New Doctor?

So, I did it. I called Care Oregon and arranged to transfer clinics. I looked on their website and found a doctor there who's a likely suspect.

  • Specialty: Internal Medicine
Clinical Interests: Cardiovascular Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes Care, Hypertension, Thyroid Disease  

"I believe in a holistic approach to patient care - emphasizing the role of social, mental, and environmental factors influencing health and wellbeing."

This has distinct possibilities. He specializes in several things that are major issues for me, and he's an internist, so he's more likely do have the background to offer the close attention my problems need.

He's Indian, has been here since 2003. I don't know if there might be communication problems; on the other hand I think I might be better than most at handling them if they arise.

So I'm meeting him for a new patient appointment on the 24th. I suppose I'll see then if he's a good fit.

In the meantime, I saw a Gynecological specialist Friday about the bleeding issues. She had some labs taken, and she's going to consult with some colleagues. She said we might need to do a biopsy and/or excision. There is a nodule, possibly just scar tissue, but possible a recurrence of the endometriosis. 

And according to her, I should have been getting progestrone as well as estrogen, to keep the endometriosis down, but I haven't been. Less than happy about that.

So life could be interesting medically for awhile. When hasn't it been?

Any guesses as to how very tired I am of all this?

In other news, it has been HOT. Lay-around-and-sweat hot. Naturally, I have a deadline and am spending a lot of time in the studio, which is naturally in the attic. We have window unit A/C, but it is still pretty oppressive. And I HAVE TO finish this stuff...

It's going to be FABULOUS though. I might get some pictures later today and put them up. My phone gets lousy color, but I think enough should come through to offer an idea of what it looks like. I'm pretty happy.

So it's back to my iced tea, and upstairs to work. I have no fingerprints- the handwork has erased them. As James would say, time to rob a bank!

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Non-Writing Life

Just to add to the guilt of the day/week/month/years... Three writing projects on the hard drive, in various stages of production. One of them up to about 30k words. And they feel good. But why can't I summon up the self-discipline to get any work done? It occurs to me that the oomph probably went the same place that the sewing energy went. Maybe the depression? About all I can do is sleep and watch videos. And do doctors stuff.