Tuesday, June 26, 2007

'A bird in hand is worth two in the-'

Not gonna go there. Nope. Wouldn't be prudent. And if I were those birds, I'd be getting out of there. With numbers down to 26%, the Bush isn't the best place to be...

I am astounded at the latest outrage, basically declaring the Pres and VP to not be accountable to anyone, and essentially above and beyond the law. Maybe I shouldn't be astounded, and yeah, in a way it doesn't surprise me, but mostly in the 'I didn't think they'd go that far' sort of way.

If the Capitol catches fire, I'm outta here.

Lessee, in other news of the 'Lainie-

Went to Dragon's Mist Defender's, had a pretty nice time. They had it out at Camp Wilkerson, which is where we held Tournament of the Lions 15/16 years ago. Still a beautiful site, even nicer now that they have the flush biffs/showers. I had remembered the hill up to the lodge, but as the day wore on I felt like it got longer and steeper! And I was remembering what a pain it was when I was autocratting there. Boy, do I have some sore muscles!

The pavilion class went really well, I think. Ten victims, very enthusiasic, and I suspect that we'll be seeing some new pavilions in the next year or two. Spiffy, I think.

The excitement for me was on the way home- I got lost on my way out. I was going out the way I came in (or so I thought) andI must have missed a fork or something, because I suddenly found myself in a construction zone that I had not seen on my way in. There was a 'road closed' barrier up and a sign saying 'detour' and pointing to a gravel road. I had this sudden flash of the folks who got lost in the coast range last winter, and thought 'this is how people die in the woods!' I turned Zippy around and found my way back to the fork where hwy 47 peels off, and took 47 down to where it meets up with 26 near Banks. Added about an hour and a half all told, but at least I was not wandering around in the woods in the middle of the night.

47 took me through Vernonia, which is a really pretty little town and once you're through there, it's a fairly easy trip out to the Sunset hwy. I stopped in Aloha and grabbed a chicken sandwich at McD's, which perked me up a bit for the rest of the ride home. Pulled in at the stroke of midnight, which all things considered, wasn't too bad.

Sunday I managed to get my carcass out of bed (no mean feat, as sore as I was from hiking up and down that hill all day Saturday) and off to brunch with Wanda and Karl and Linda. Made a couple of stops on the way home, but then crawled into bed and slept most of the rest of the day. Just really wiped out. Slept most of Monday too. I've really got to get some stamina back. Just not sure how to go about this.

My seester sent me a 'Honeydukes Sweet Shop' t-shirt. :-)

James sent me links with pics from Investiture- and the step-up outfits were... pretty ghastly. I keep trying to recite the 'notmyproblemnotmyproblemnotmyproblem...' but I still cringe. I told James it would be cool to do a full-out High Gothic reign to follow them. I'm sure he thinks I've gone completely mad. (And how would this be different than normal? Maybe we don't want to answer that...)

Heh. The job comes with minions though. Me likey minions. :-)


Cato said...

Hey Lainie, Mel sent me the link to your blog. Your description of the drive up to the camp brings back memories of driving her back to the house at night during Lions when she was pregnent with Emily. Take care. Cato

Liutgard said...

I was sooo lost! Once I got back to 47 I was ok, but there for awhile...

The camp is still gorgeous, and they have the flush priv/shower house now too. (They'd only broke ground for it last time I was out there.) And they remodeled the kitchen-bumped the back wall out and nearly doubled the size. Two commercial stoves, lots of workspace, and several refrigerators. I have to say, I was beginning to get twitchy and say things like "We could do this cool event-" and I had to keep slapping myself!

Mel. said...

Don't slap yourself for thinking such things. Just don't act on them. :-D It's sort of like me saying off-handedly, "It would be cool to do a feast only event and have period cast spoons for the feast token." Ooops!