Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Back on the sauce...

Crimony, didn't I just post this?

Well, I'm sick again. I'd noticed that the asthma seemed to be ramping up again the past few days and I was trying to beat it back, but no dice. I woke up about 3 am flailing about because I was dreaming that I was drowning. Seems I was having trouble breathing. Did some albuterol and then couldn't sleep. Or read or anything constructive. Finished a game of CivII. (big whoop.) Continued to feel crummy. When it was a rational hour I called the dr and got an appt. Dr Becher is still booked, so I saw Dr Engstrom. Nice fellow, about my age. He said that yes, my lungs are making all sorts of interesting wheezles and squeaks. But he also said that there was a 'burbly' bit on one side. So now I'm on BIG antibiotics and BIG doses (short term, thank goodness) of prednisone. And continuing with the albuterol and the Azmacort.

Life sucks.

And James and I do not agree about Fred Thompson. (OOO... big surprise there.) He thinks I'm in tinfoil territory and I think he's out of his mind. (Another big surprise.) In the long run, I think I would like to be able to chose between candidates who will A) not turn the country over to their friends to have as their private strip-mine, B) not use our soldiers to play GI Joe In The Desert, and C) won't go after the Constitution like a three-year-old with his first pair of scissors. (It's called the Habeas Corpus and it's there for a reason, ya bozos!)

Not that I feel strongly about this or anything...

And now I'm going to bed.


Mooncat said...

Sorry you're sick! What a pain! Virtual chicken soup definitely headed your way!
So...I had to google Fred Thompson--that guy? Oh, gawd. He's somewhere to the far right of Ghengis Khan....and a lousy actor to boot.
Of course, being a lousy actor doesn't *koff* prevent one from achieving the White House....oy!
(What is James' opinion of the guy???)

Liutgard said...

He doesn't think he's as awful as the Dems are letting on. James thinks my tinfoil hat is too tight. I think he's not seeing reality. But most of the couples I know don't see eye too eye on politics, so I'm not really that exercised about it.

If I had to pick a Repub I think that Romney would do the least damage. but my heart belongs to John Edwards. I could live with Obama. Pleasepleaseplease not Hillary...

In the meantime the prednisone has given me such an incredible headache it's hard to see. I feel like a giant pair of salad tongs are squeezing my head.