Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ok, so I was wrong...

...And they had the debate Friday after all. I listened to it on the radio here at home (instead of going to one of the debate parties or such) and refrained from drinking- if I'd done one of the drinking games I saw online (certain number of swallows per certain words, etc) I'd still be just now sobering up.

I was pleased with Obama's performance- a fine orator and he spoke like an adult. It was clear that he was very well prepared. Can't say the same for McCain though- with all of his rambling and sputtering and searching for words, it made me wonder if he'd wanted to postpone the debate simply because he wasn't prepared. As it was his performance was kind of embarrassing.

In other news...

Saw Dr. Fickle last Thursday. Explained how I am NOT THRIVING without the nortriptyline, and we decided to add it back in, to try at least. It would be nice if I wasn't feeling like I'm choking back tears all the time. Part of the problem may be that we've passed the equinox, and autumn is here, with winter not far behind. Needs me some more light!

Speaking of light, Larry and I were over this evening to see Robert and Ilonka's new place. Very spiffy! 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, with a full basement. Lots and lots of room, and quite a few windows. Funny thing was that whoever painted it couldn't make up thier minds what color to use, and seemed to have 1/2 gallon of everything, mostly in shades of yellow, excepting the hunter green and such in the kitchen. It was truly strange. I think I could have gotten used to it- I like having yellow around, if it's the right shade. Anyway, they are next door to Kateline and much closer to Robert's work. A serious improvement over the teeny little place they have now. I'm seriously jealous though- I was looking around and thinking "This would be a great place for James and I..." Sewing space, shop space, space for the computers and our books... only drawback is the kitchen is kind of small. But doable. *sigh* Maybe this time next year we'll be in a place as nice.

And I'm contemplating cutting my hair. Just can't decide...

**UPDATE** I got my hair cut- took 5" of ratty split ends off of it. It's still pretty long and looks a lot better than it did. Chickened out on the chin-length bob though. I'd love to, but couldn't figure out what to do for my hair at 12th Night if I did...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

There was Sights See'n...

So over the weekend I got to drive to scenic Central Oregon, to attend Summit's September Coronet Tourney, in Culver. Gemma and I left after she got off work (5:00) and it took us quite some time to get out of town, thanks to the traffic. (Gresham. Yikes.) Over the mountain wasn't too bad, and it was full dark before we got into Warm Springs. The fun began after we got into Madras. The directions from Madras to Culver were somewhat sketchy and heading out of Madras I was basically looking for a sign. A Sign! We saw an SCA sign, pointing left, so we turned and trundled off into the desert. After a few minutes I determined that we were not getting into Culver, nor were we likely to do so at the direction we were heading. So we turned and looped up with the main highway (97) again, and shortly found ourselves in Terrebonne. Hmm. Too far. So we turned around again and went all the way back to Madras. I stopped for directions, took a good look at a map and got an idea of where our turnoff would be, and hopped back in the car. We drove back out of town. This time the SCA sign wasn't there at all, but we founf the sign to Culver, pointing right. Picked up that road and shortly were in Culver. After a few minutes looking for the park (the sign was visible from only one direction, natch), we finally pulled in, at 20 to 11, having spent an extra 50 miles wandering around. Grr.

Event was nice and fairly low key. Laurel meeting was... a Laurel meeting. ('Nuff said.) Tourney was clean and Brian of Ledbury won, for his lady Acacia, having beaten Johannes von Langental. VESTA CAME IN 3RD!!! WOO HOO!!! Dinner was nice, dessert was yummy, we partied for Bera's birthday. I was so worn out though thatI went to bed about 10:30. Really.

Drive home Sunday was pretty- we got to see the stuff in the daylight that we'd missed in the dark. Lots of sage. Lots of cows. Gorgeous canyons going through near Warm Springs. And the mountain was pretty too. We stopped in Rhodedendron for something to eat which was nice as I was completely sapped of energy. I got home about 7 and pretty much fell over.

Today I spent two hours at the Democratic Party main office, selling Obama schwag tofolks and answering the phones. Couple of weird/funny calls and a couple of people just wanted to bend my ear about how awful things are and how Obama _has_ to win. Hey, no argument with me there!

I just got a note from my sister saying that she's filed for divorce. Hit me pretty hard. Wow. I hope her boys are ok.

So, think there'll be a debate Friday? 50 cents there won't be...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Introducing Caribou Barbie!

She snowmobiles! She hunts! She cooks mooseburgers! She fires staff! She has weird hair!

Just the sort of woman you want your little girls to emulate, right?

Not much really happening here, sewing, swimming, getting ready for Coronet. James is not going after all, so I've been amending plans to be camping with Gemma. Gotta keep her warm- she gets cold too easily. (Water bottle. Hot.) Planning menu, etc. And making myself some new garb to keep warm in- I don't have alot that I can wear still.

Annie is busy visiting Kelly in the Virgin Islands. Apparently there is rum there. And snorkeling.

And Friday is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Don't forget, eh matey?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A word to the wise-

Beverages and keyboards don't mix! * sigh *

Was startled by the doorbell and knocked over my glass of icewater into the keyboard. I turned it upsidedown and drained it and let it dry. And let it dry. And let it dry. Roughly 18 hours later it still wasn't working right, so I went down to Office Despot and spent $13 for a new keyboard. Old one was getting pretty grungy anyway, and last time I cleaned the keys a couple of the little clips on the underside of the big ones broke. (Yes, I am trying to justify the expense...) But the new one fits a little differently (a built-in wrist thingie is both ineffective and in the way) and will take getting used to.

Out shopping today I got:

* a copy of _Remains of the Day_ with Anthony Hopkins,
* tacks and glue to fix the velcro thing on the tourney bed slats,
* 2 pairs of jeans (Goodwill, not retail)
* an autumn wreath for the front door,
* and a keen thing that it a three-legged stand and big salad bowl on a lazy susan- I'm going to use it as a wash stand and ditch the folding stand, which is heavy to move and bulky to transport. Now just to figure out place to put my jewelry boxes, etc.
* a cheap halloween wig to play with. A shade or so lighter than my hair, but I can play and make braids from it, etc.

Wanda came home with a bunch of stuff, including a storage rack thingie that I found- perfect for sewing things- brightly colored bins on it. We'll find something to do with it, I'm sure.

I'm busy trying to clean up projects in the sewing room and get some work done, partly just to catch up and partly to get room to work on the verger's robes. Almost done with a gown that I'd cut out for James some time ago but I don't remember. I'd put a tag on it though, so I knew what it was. Moss green twill, very lovely fabric, Frankish cut. Just finishing an embroidered bit on the hem (hides the machine hemming). Getting stuff done so I can fix the tourney bed, though I have to go get another pair of hinges to fix the poster frame- the pair I got have non-removable hinges, and well, I need to be able to remove the hinges- that's sort of the point.

Next weekend is Summits Coronet, and Gemma is going with me. Should be fun, if chilly. :-)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I do NOT have too much stuff!

Soooooome people (hi Amalric!) seem to think that I pack too much stuff for eventing. I do not! I do think that I manage to pack a heckuva lot of quality into Zippy the Wonder Volvo (TM) however, and I don't hear anyone complaining about eating feast-quality food or being served on dishes that look like they're from illuminations. Besides, they have no idea how much I used to bring, back when I had the van...

So I went to Acorn, spent the day in the kitchen, which was ok. Nice dinner with just me, Arlys, Guiliana, and Claire. And then we had more people over for the dessert and brainstorming about the kingdom session (or, what Amalric calls my 'rabble-rousing'). The wafers I got at Trader Joe's were really good- just perfect to go with the ypocras. The almond cookies were happy too, and we had a great time sucking air through the meringues (guess you'da had ta been there). It was waaaay too much fun (and I drank too much but I was eating at the same time and was ok, though slightly tipsy. Some good conversation with Helena and Aleyn, also from Arlys. Amalric showed up later and argued with me (which I knew he would- we disagree on the matter and are very frank about it). Cutest Duke I know but also stubborn, and listens but I sometimes feel like he doesn't _hear_, if that makes any sense. However, as long as he continues to clean the grill with his shirt off, I'll smile and be nice. :-)

Have not as of yet (Tues evening) unpacked the car. Just flat exhausted. I'm tempted to leave as much of it as I can there until after Coronet, which will be the last camping event for the season. And it looks like my sweetie might make it to Coronet! Yay!!! Much more fun with him than without. :-)

And as it's Tuesday, Larry will be over shortly. Wanda is asleep (home sick with headache) so we'll go and quietly grab dinner somewhere else. And hopefully get some work done upstairs- I need to start blocking out the verger's robes. Maybe we'll pop in a movie while we're at it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

For Air Force Two?

“McCain has been running this campaign based on 'We're at war, it's a dangerous world out there. The democrats don't get that. I, John McCain, am the only one standing between the blood-thirsty Al Qaedas and you. But if I die, this stewardess can handle it.'" –Bill Maher

But the peanuts will still cost you extra, sir.

Well, the political scene continues to be 'interesting' in the Chinese sense. They aren't just finding skeletons in her closet- there seems to be an entire ossuary in there. And now her poor kid is in the limelight- imagine being 17 and preggers and the whole nation staring at you- fer real? If there's a rock nearby, I'm sure she's under it.

I am glad that Obama came out and specifically said that the families are out-of-bounds and if he finds out someone one his campaign is involved in that sharkfest, they're fired. So the tabloids are picking up the slack- the _National Enquirer_, of all things, broke the teen pregnancy story. And apparently they now have an entire crew up in Alaska, looking for whatever they can find. Oy. Glad my name's not Palin!

I'm still aghast that they are still pretending that her nomination is real. I keep thinking Dick Cheney will pop up out of his undisclosed localtion, yelling 'April fool!' Or something.

In other news, something went 'poink!' at the base of my neck earlier today and it is still out. Which makes me cranky. But I went out and got the rest of the materials (except for the finish cord, which is on order) for the verger's robes. Plan to start blocking them out after Acorn War, which is this weekend. And I have Malcom's 'civil servant pinstripe' gown to finish, Elfreda's gown, Sofia's kids' stuff, Wanda's pavilion... and thinking about 12th Night. Not like there's nothing to do. Just wish I felt like doing it, you know?