Friday, June 22, 2007

Fabric juju returns!

I had just enough time today to stop out at Goodwill in between errands, and scored! Whoo-hoo! I found a little knitted tank top in a soft pear green, which I needed, not having much in the way of summer clothing. And I plowed through the fabric in the back and came up with four pieces worth dragging home. A white and robyn's-egg blue weave (that crinkled up a bit when washed! Must have had a twist in the thread- makes it interesting!) that is about 5 yards, a lovely bug/chartreuse green linen that is a yard and a half or so (I think there's enough for a skirt), a navy rayon challis that's 5-6 yards, and a piece of red worsted, about 3 yards or so. Fun stuff to play with and I might get some needed new clothes out of it. Yay!

That done, I am now out of money. But near enough to the end of the month that it is ok.

1-20-09. Meditate on this with me now...

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