Monday, June 18, 2007

Score one for me!

Well, I may not have had the good fabric juju going the other day, but I think I made up for it today. I had this shelf thingie under my desk, partly to stack files and such in and partly to put my feet up. Well, it was made of particleboard, and it went as things of that nature go- if fell apart.

I poked around a bit last week in Goodwill, etc, for something to replace it, but came up empty. So today I went down to City Liquidators, to their used office furniture section. And found one of those 'hutch' things that go across the top of the desk, the right size, for $20, which was what I was budgeting. Came home and put it together with a minimum of cussing, and slotted it in under my desk. Sorting stuff out and putting them away on the shelves- there's two shelves on this instead of one, which makes me happy- a bit less mess for me to manage. And it's a little bit taller, which is good for putting my feet up. All around I'm pretty pleased with it. Of course now I have a pile of dusty crap on my bed that I have to sort and put away...

Think I'll coast for the rest of the evening, maybe head upstairs tomorrow and start in making messes again (I'm really good at that!)

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