Saturday, June 30, 2012

We are too cute!

Now if you came across these cuties, wouldn't you AWWWW...?

Lydia and I brought Anastasia and Ilyana out to Egils Tourney for the day on Saturday that weekend. They saw many sights, tasted grass, ran after puppies... and refused to nap. But they were cute! This picture was take by someone who didn't know them, but thought that they were cute. And they were, in their little tunics, coats, and caps.

Here Ilyana is checking out the food Miriam is putting out on the table. (I think that pot was the black-eyed peas.) Sorry Ilyana, that mead is not for little girls!

Anastasia climbed into Mistress Yseult's pretty chair, and then couldn't get out. Her mommy is working on that... Meanwhile, Ilyana is wearing her HEY! face.

The day was interesting, but Lydia and I decided that unless their daddy could come along with (and we had a second porta-crib), they were really too little still. Maybe next year.

We had a lovely feast (though the girls weren't interested. They spent most of the day overstimulated), and I took notes on several dishes.

I did another feast at June Investiture for the new Prince and Princess, and the Crown Princess was also a guest. I was too busy cooking and serving to get pictures, sadly. I did get a couple of shots of the investiture:

Aaron and Telisia. She made their clothes, and they were lovely. She's asked me to make her step-down garb.I'm looking forward to that.