Sunday, June 17, 2007

Surprise surprise!

I actually, really and truly cleaned up the sewing room! Well, most of it at least. Still have to vacuum, etc. But the ironing table has actual flat space on it now and the shelf unit next to the sewing machine has a brown fake-wood print top! Who knew!

So the really cool news was the shopping trip. Cathy (Ursel) and I went to Mill End. I got skunked- everything I liked had not enough on the blot, which was very annoying. But Cathy scored, and big! First was a couple of nice small pieces of wool in the Annex. Then when we went around the corner to Home Dec, I spied a bolt of gorgeous brocade- moss green with a pewter ground. Pattern in rondels about 6" across, with the 2" rondels connecting them. Stylized floral pattern inside, etc. It was $12.99/yd, and she got enough to make a court gown/12th night gown. And then while puttering around in Home Dec, she found a bolt of absolutely jaw-dropping brocade. Blue and gold tapestry brocade, probably a cotton blend. Pattern of 3" rondels with 1" connectors- with animals inside- an eagle, a griffin, a winged horse, and an elephant. It looked for all the world like some of those Sicilian brocades that turn up in the robes of the Holy Roman Emperors, 1th-12th c. Absolutely astounding. It was $19/yd, and she got enough to part it out a bit at a time for royal gifts or trims or whatever. Completely wow.

Then we came back here, and I worked on cleaning and sorting while she drafted and made a wool hood. I also brought the Emdeko machine upstairs and set it up. Runs like a top, virtually unused. I was very pleased with that. We finally knocked off after 11, I think she got home about midnight. When I got home Wanda was back from Seattle. They'd gone to Pike Place and came home with silly little things like a refrigerator magnet set of W with a variety of clothing, paper-doll style. Not at all respectful. :-)

And to day I'm just sleeping off yesterday, which is ok I think. Plenty to do this coming week, so taking today off is a needful thing.

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