Thursday, July 15, 2010


Alright, I know it's been six weeks. I've been busy. So there.

First there was the BIG NEWS! Lydia and David are expecting! And not only that- there's two of the little buggers! Twins! Oy! So there is much fussing to be done. They are getting married on Monday, at the courthouse. Here's to hoping things look up for them soon. They sure need it. She hasn't told her dad yet about the babies. Not sure how he's going to take the news.

So I've been busy this last week making a wedding dress for her. She came up with me on my way home from spending the 4thof July weekend with James, and spent about a week while we goofed off and sewed. Then I took her home and we spent a day cleaning at her house (it needs it). I still have to put the hem in her dress, but that shouldn't take long. Dunno what I'm going to wear though...

Also been busy (still) with making clothes for Gabriel and Sumayya. I'm behind where I wanted to be, but the wedding dress kinda shifted the schedule. Life happens. Bethany knows what is happening so we're all cool. I've been up there busting my rear for weeks, and I really need a few days off. My body kinda decided to shut down for the past couple of days- I guess I needed it.

I actually bought myself some new makeup the other day- some lip stain. Stays on better than lipstick and isn't sticky. I can add a bit of lipstick over to gloss it up again if I want, but I don't have to. I kinda like it.

Aaaand the SLUG Queen Coronation is in a couple of weeks- I'm hoping to make it this year. Maybe I'll even get my dress done!