Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ah has new buhkit!

New bukkit is purty!

(Actually, it's not violet. You already know what color it is...)

(edit: All right, some goofball has changed the color, so now it looks orange. Geek. :-))

Wanda and I went shopping today and brought home much kill, err... stuf. First we had to go to Office Depot for printer cartridges. @#$%^ those things are expensive! I got mine, Wanda bought a new printer, and it is currently in the box in the middle of the kitchen.

We also went to Ross, and I got a nutcracker (they're already out! And it's flippin' August!), a package of heavy wooden hangers for the sewing room (those goofy plastic things will not hold up to a houppelande!) and mah buket. (It's small enough that it tucks in at the desk.) Wanda got a bunch of clothes.

Then we went to Goodwill out on 122nd.Wanda found some clothes and stuff, and I didn't bother to look for clothes (it just depresses me) but I headed right to the fabric- and scored! 5 yards of ivory rayon faille, 8 yards of a pale green linen/cotton blend, and 8 yards of silk shantung, in a lettuce green. And I had a $10 off slip, so I got the whole thing for the low, low price of $6.12!


I'm going to make myself a new cotehardie, fat or not fat. I can always take it in later.

And I found my orange hairbrush. Life is looking up. :-)

Monday, August 20, 2007

But I'm not even unpacked yet!

Since Annie has begun the mocking, I suppose I should put up a post.

I slept pretty much all day today, attempting to recover from the weekend. We went to the Sport of Kings, here in Three Mountains, which is basically a four-day collegium for fighters. (Mostly- there were a few non-martial classes too.) James took classes, and I mostly cooked. Saturday night I fed 16 (at least I think that was the final count), and did it with two Coleman stoves. Heh.

We had:

Perre (a pea soup)
A Tart of Greens (a quiche with spinach and mustard greens)
Chyken in Hocchee (chicken stuffed with garlic and grapes)
Chicken in Oranges and Lemons (and an assortment of spices)
Beef Y-Stewed (beef stewed with red wine, currants, onions, and spices)
Losyns (lasagna noodles layered with cheese and spices)
A dish of carrots and mustard greens (I had to wing it- the fennel for the dish I'd planned had gone bad)
Strawbereye Tart (strawberry puree, eggs, sugar, breadcrumbs- comes out Barbie pink and very tasty)
Rice Pudding
Cheesecake (with blackberries)

All of the recipes (except the carrots) were from 14th-15th c texts. Was very tasty. And I have determined that James and Amalric together are a danger to Western Society. Add Korwyn and you approach critical mass.

(And it rained during pack-up. The Volvo is still half-full of damp gear and I have no stamina for cleaning up yet.)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

... that vile, toad-faced...

I have the music theme for Dolores Umbridge stuck in my head, and it will not go out! AARGH! [bangbangbang] Smacking head on floor does not help, either.

Was interesting how it started with a cute, sparkly little tune, and then got heavier and more sinister. And how her clothes got deeper and more violently pink as the movie progressed...

Yeah, saw the movie again with Larry and Cathy (my third- I saw the last one in the theatre four times, so I'm still ahead). After a small adventure- the website I'd consulted for movie times was WRONG and we had 2 1/2 hours to kill, most of which we spent at Jo-Ann's (until they closed). Cathy and I are both dieting, and Larry was pretty broke, or we might have gone for ice cream. But they did in fact eventually let us in. Couple of mildly interesting previews. Eh, I was only there for the movie.

As usual I saw more this time. James is right- those things in the stair well at 12 Grimmauld Place are house elves- under bell jars. If anything, creepier than the heads on the wall.

Why is it that Gary Oldman looks so good in 19thc-ish clothes? That plum/black suitcoat is wicked nice. I wouldn't mind having one (one more thing for the sewing pile...)

Wish we'd seen more of Tonks. And I really liked Kingsley. That was a good casting.

We'd better get the other two movies done fast- the guy who plays Fudge is over 80, and won't last forever. Michael Gambon is not spring chicken, either.

Would have more to say, but I'm tired.

In other news today, I got a cortisone shot in my knee today. Hurt like a bitch and still doesn't feel all that great. They said it would likely be a couple-three days or so, and then should get better. Hope so. Tired of gimping around!

Friday, August 3, 2007

"Message in a bottle..."

I have the Police stuck in my head because they were on the muzak at Goodwill today... It reminded me how much I like Sting- I should maybe fork out some money for some of his tunes.

So I found parts of my SLUG outfit today-


The SLUG Queen contest and coronation is Saturday the 11th of August, at Broadway Plaza. Y'all should be there- it's the Silver Anniversary, and 25 years of sliminess is worth celebrating!


I'm going with a Harry Potter theme- black pleated skirt, white blouse, striped tie, my pointy boots, the big hat, grad robe, etc. Still need something silver to go with. And have to figure out how to incorporate some fruit...

What else this week?... Had an appt with physical therapy, and we're hoping to strengthen some muscles to help make up for rattly joints. OHP has OKed *one* more visit, rather than the 3x/week for 6 weeks that really needs to happen. Bother. Also had an appt with Anna, and we're boosting my Cymbalta for a bit, as I've been in a funk (a lot of it because of the pain and aggravation from the arthritis) and being depressed is not good for me. Worth a try at least.

I found a gorgeous dress for Annie- slinky, red, long sleeves but the shoulder caps are bare. It will be killer on her. Need to send that out Friday or Saturday.

I want ice cream and there is none in the house. Poo.