Sunday, February 22, 2009

That noise you heard

... about 4 this afternoon was me, in the dressing room, trying on jeans. I was down to one pair that I could get on, so buy some more I must. Tried on 6 pairs- 5 in the size I've been wearing, and one in the next size up. Guess which one fit? Yeah, and insult on injury- they're 'relaxed fit', too.

I really wanted to throw myself on the floor and have a good wail about it, but the floor was filthy. And crying wouldn't really help and it might attract attention that I don't want. So I put the too-small jeans away and headed for the fabric section...

I'm really extra frustrated because I've really really really been working on the diet, and I've been hitting the pool 2-3 times a week, and working hard while I'm there. It would be reasonable to expect the size to go down, not up, right? Well, I guess I live in Backwards Land.

Did score a really nice piece of what I'm pretty sure is linen, maybe hemp, in a lettuce green, and a black and white tweed wool. I need to get some of my backlog caught up, and then make myself some new tourney wear, hopefully before Egils.

Still having medication issues. The Sinemet (the Levo-Dopa stuff) is holding down the restless legs stuff- barely. When it's near time for the next dose I'm usually twitching again. And it really lays me out- just want to stay in bed. And the nausea is a problem too. But I can't stand the twitching, so laying off the meds is not an option.

And Lent starts this week. And I do not care for fish.

The world conspires against me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Little Volvo That Could!

Well, I went to Ashland for the long weekend, and Zippy the Wonder Volvo was very good! For some reason the overdrive decided to work properly the whole way, and I managed to get a head start on all of the passes- didn't have to shift down any farther than 4th gear, which is pretty amazing. And she got really good mileage too. Now if only _I_ got that good of mileage!

I was not feeling well the whole weekend, and James let me sleep a lot, which was very kind of him but I felt bad- I didn't drive 300 miles to sleep the whole time! Argh! But he made a very nice Valentine's dinner, and I got lots of cuddle time, which I sorely needed.

But I slept all day today, which I wasn't happy about. I had forgotten why I don't make the trip very often- because it completely wipes me out. But I'm headed down next month, for March Coronet. And planning to spend Spring Break with James- whether we spend most of it here or there I don't know yet.

I stopped in Eugene to visit a little with Stephen. He was at work but took a short break to chat with Mom. He's sick, with whatever Plague is going around down there, sore throat and a bad cough. He might be up to visit a little more often now, being as how he's got a girlfriend, and she lives in Portland. Her name is Meredith and she's as tall as he is. I'm hoping to get to meet her sometime...

I stopped to see Lydia on my way down. Didn't stay too long because I was running a little bit late (and I wanted to get through the passes in daylight if I could). They are doing about the same as usual. And traffic there by Gateway Mall was crazed as usual. I hate that interchange.

Shadow is not speaking to me. He's been shunning me since I got back. I guess he's mad that I went away and closed my bedroom door so he couldn't come in and steal things off my desk. Silly cat!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


If one must be a Cranky Pants, one must dress the part!

Yes, I'm still cranky. Been taking the new drugs for the restless legs thing- and getting a good solid 5 hours of unbroken sleep before I start twitching again. Catching up during the daytime isn't cutting it either, as I'm twitching during the day now too. This makes me cranky. So I called the Dr back and she upped the dosage on the meds. We'll have to see how that goes. I would really like to get some decent sleep...

Zippy went to the shop and got her clutch adjusted, which was a good thing as I was having to arm-wrestle the stick to shift. Seems to be ok now though.

I've been cleaning my room- went through the huge pile on my desk and I can actually see the surface in places. There's still piles of stuff on the floor, but I'm making progress with that (much of it involves putting SCA stuff away). What to do with the dresser top I don't know- just is no place to put things! If I could find another place for my winged pig, that would help, but it's fragile and I don't want to put it where it might get knocked over. And why is there a pair of champagne flutes on the dresser? I have no idea.

I think I need Dudley's second bedroom!