Friday, March 30, 2007

I am a barge.


I have the major parts of the new gown together. Popped it over my head and looked in teh mirror- the lines and folds go exactly as I'd planned, and the fabric has a nice drape to it. The problem is that I look like a barge in it. A very w-i-d-e barge at that. It is *so* depressing!

Much more depressing- a kid drowned in the Molalla river yesterday. I saw the last name, and realized that he was Chris' son- Chris, our Volvo mechanic. I was pretty horrified about it, and I'm going to head out later today and get a sympathy card for Wanda and I to send. Wish I could do more but I can't.

Annie has pictures of her new place up on her blog, and it looks like a very nice place, even without furniture. There's even a shot of Iso curled up on her bed. I can't explain why, but the little picture of Iso made me miss Annie intensely. Boo.

So I guess I am sort of on a bummer overall. But James is here for another couple of days, and that is a very good thing. We're going down to an event in Mountain Edge tomorrow, and that should be fun. I'm hoping that Amalric and Caia and the boys are there. I'm sure that Phoenix needs some tickles. :-)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yahoo gone wild!

I'm getting *dozens* of duplicate copies of posts from Yahoo lists. I understand everyone has the same problem, so it's not my computer, but geez, my mailbox fills up fast!

James got in fairly late last night, and we still managed to spend a couple of hours taking (my very favorite person to talk to, natch). Today he was working on a pair of heavy canvas chausses, that he's planning to put splint armor into, and wear for leg armor. Cool idea, so far the chausses look pretty good. I've been moving fabric back and forth and muttering a lot, and this eevening after we got back from dinner, I got the rust colored wool cut out and about halfway done. A-line, with the godets in the center front and back. There was *just enough* left for sleeves. I should be able to finish it tomorrow, and then have it to wear Saturday. Heh. I really need a digital camera so I can take pictures of stuff like this.

No word from Annie- I'm assuming that she's busy moving. I may call her tomorrow, maybe Friday. Miss that little bugger!

Well, time to check the funnies and then get the Tall One up from the basement. (He's probably playing computer games- he has a new one...)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm nibbling on bunnies and chickies!

Alas, they're only sugar. :-(

I found a sack of Easter candy that is basically those marshmallow peanuts, only bunnies and chicks instead of peanuts. Good enough for a candy jones.

Well, the big excitement is that Annie found a place to live! She found a place and a roommate near Prospect Park inBrooklyn. Her roommate is a pianist and there's a grand piano in the living room! And he has a kitty for Iso to play with (ought to be fun, those first few days...). So life is getting better on the Annie front.

Me... me no feel so great. Maybe it's the diet, but the lithium tremor has been a lot worse the last few days, and that's disconcerting. And I'm still sleeping a lot. James should be up either later today (it's Tuesday now) or Wednesday. I vote for Tuesday, of course. :-) I just hope that I have the energy to make his trip worthwhile.

Well, I'm off for one last cruise on dKos, and then to bed. Dreaming of indictments and possibilities of more...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm back among the living...

Well, I got through the class yesterday- 1000 years of history in four hours. There may be a reason why I slept nearly all day today! Class went well, I think. I went through 2 litres of water while teaching though. And when I pulled off my robes, they were wet. It's Hard Work (TM).

Annie found an apartment! YAYYYYY!!! She found a place with a roommate in Brooklyn (which is where she'd wanted to be), and her new roommate is a pianist. there's a grand piano in the living room! He has a grey mackerel tabby about the sage and size of Iso, so she will have someone to play with. This is all very good. :-) And work and frelance stuff is going swimmingly for her. :-) (Mommy is very happy for her!)

James will be up in a day or two, for the rest of break. We have plans and projects and such, and maybe a trip to Powell's. I found a pattern today for an Easter outfit, so I may try to get some sewing done too.

After I get some more sleep, of course...

Friday, March 23, 2007


I got back from Kinko's a little while ago, and now have 35 collated and stapled 6-page handouts. And I'm really wiped. Probably go to bed soon.

In the meantime, Alberto Gonzales has been caught out in a lie (big surprise). Earlier this week he insisted that he hadn't had anything to do with the attorney firings- but emails in today's document dump clearly show that he was. So, is he going to take one for the team, or hang on until the bloody end? And what will happen now with the Congressional subpoenas? Is Bush going to take it to the mat, or will he back down? Executive privilege, my eye...

Tomorrow is Ned's birthday party, and I don't think I can make it. Driving an hour and a half after teaching for four hours and a an hour and a half drive... maybe not. Wouldn't be prudent. I won't make it to Jill and Ralph's first court, either. I think food and a nap would be a good idea at that point.

Crossing my fingers that Annie gets good leads on housing- she's frustrated and anxious, and I'm anxious for her. She and Iso need their own little place in the world.

Can't stop yawning! Argh! A handful of cereal (cause I'm hungry) and I think I'm off to slumber land. Sandman is beating me over the head here...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

You'd better keep her, you'll find it cheaper, than makin' whoopee

Ah, great old Hymn of the Faith, eh? :-)

Dunno why that one is stuck in my head. I''m sure that my brain cells have better things to do with their time...

Well, Edwards is still in it. That was a real breatholder for me, as it was obvious that it was bad news. But if Elizabeth still wants him to run, go for it man!

What was cool to see though is how they were interacting. Been a long time since I've seen a couple that... connected. (I'm sure there's a better word for it but I can't think of it right now.) They really are a team, and nothing of that has changed. And it seems that they believe that the country needs John. I guess the best thing to do is put your head down and go forward...

I spent a fair part of today reading over my notes for my class. Still have to get the handout put together. And make a bazillion copies- looks as though the class sold out. I hope I get a decent classroom.

Ah, a beer and a new issue of the _New Yorker_ awaits!

Today's Silly List

(snagged from Mahanoy on _Street Prophets_)

Things to Say and Do Guaranteed to Spice up Your Thesis and Dissertation Defenses

  1. Begin the defense by charging a cover and checking for ID.
  1. Charge a two-drink minimum.
  1. Begin with "Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise for the singing of our National Anthem."
  1. Follow that with a joke that starts with "Which reminds me of a story - A Black guy, a Chinese guy, and a Jew walked into a bar..."
  1. Bring coffee and charge 25 cents a cup.
  1. "Charge the mound" when a professor beans you with a high fast question.
  1. Describe parts of your dissertation using interpretive dance.
  1. Lead your committee members in a Wave.
  1. Break the tension at appropriate moments with a sing-a-long.
  1. Answer tough queries with "You call THAT a question? How'd you ever get to be a professor?"
  1. Have bodyguards outside the room to discourage attendance of certain professors.
  1. Present your defense using puppets.
  1. Before you begin your presentation, sell T-shirts to recoup the cost of copying, binding, etc.
  1. In addition, pass a collection basket.
  1. Answer complex issues in mime.
  1. Use the ocassion to hold a Tupperware party.
  1. Have bikini-clad models in charge of changing your overheads.
  1. At approximately the mid-point of your defense bring out maracas and shout "Everybody rumba!!"
  1. Explain nonsignificant findings with "It would have worked if it weren't for those f*%ing kids."
  1. Refuse to answer tough questions "in protest of our government's systematic and brutal opression of minorities."
  1. Offer door prizes and conduct a raffle.
  1. Ask professors to "Please phrase your question in the form of an answer."
  1. Interrupt every 15 minutes with the announcement "And now, a word from our sponsor."
  1. Present critical parts of your defense in iambic pentameter.
  1. In your announcement, inform your committee that it will be a black tie affair.
  1. Hire the Goodyear Blimp to circle the building.
  1. Announce to your committee that "There will be a short quiz after my presentation."
  1. Bring your pet boa.
  1. Bring snacks and start a food fight.
  1. Slap your committee chair with a glove and challenge him to a duel.
  1. Arrange for a halftime show.
  1. Bring a big foam hand that says "I'm #1."
  1. Pass out souvenier matchbooks.
  1. Hang a pinata over the table and hire a strolling mariachi band.
  1. Make each professor remove an item of clothing for each question asked.
  1. Use a Greek Chorus to highlight important points.
  1. When necessary, say "I'm sorry Professor Smith, I didn't say 'SIMON SAYS any questions?'. You're out."
  1. Dress in top hat and tails.
  1. Hold a pre-defense pep rally, complete with cheerleaders, pep band, and a bonfire.
  1. If you sense that things are not going well, threaten to detonate a small nuclear device in the room.
  1. Show slides of your last vacation.
  1. Put your overheads on a film strip. Designate a professor to be in charge of turning the strip when the tape recording beeps.
  1. If members of the committee begin to argue among themselves announce: "OK, everybody - heads down on the desk until you show me you can behave."
  1. When in trouble, begin speaking in tongues.
  1. Answer every question with a question.
  1. Hand out 3-D glasses.
  1. Announce credits at the end. Include a "key grip" and a "best boy."
  1. Make a practice of replying, "Sure, I could answer that, but then I'd have to kill you."
  1. Ask a friend and conspirator to attend and ask the first question. Draw a blank-loaded gun and "shoot" him. Have him make a great scene of dying. Be sure to include fake blood. Turn to your committee and ask "Other questions?"
  1. Wear clown makeup, a clown wig, clown shoes, a clown nose, and nothing else.
  1. Install "APPLAUSE" and "LAUGHTER" signs.
  1. Use a TelePromTer
  1. Alter the clocks in the room and begin your defense 15 minutes before anyone arrives.
(Don't know which one I like best- they're all good- but the Greek Chorus could be really effective, depending on your topic...)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's official-

I need new knees for Christmas.

I was in to the orthopedist today. My x-rays were unremarkable, though they showed some arthritis damage. The fun part came when he started moving my knee around. See, there's two ligaments that hold your kneecap on- one goes up and attaches to the femur, and one goes down and attaches to the tibia. These are supposed to go straight up and down, but apparently in my knees they don't- the lower one goes off to the side a bit. The makes the kneecap hypermobile, and a bit unstable- it can blow out easier (gee thanks, I really needed that). It also puts more pressure in places where it isn't designed for it. Then he moved my knee to make that *grrrrritttch* noise that it makes. Which it did, rather loudly. Apparently there's cartilage damage under the kneecap. The official word is that I have Chondromalacia, and Patellofemoral compression syndrome. Fancy words for 'a bum knee!'. He said it isn't yet bad enough to do a cortisone shot or look at surgery, but eventually that will happen. In the meantime, I can do heat/cold packs, ibuprofen (!), and mild activity. No squats, kneeling, yoga, nothing that folds my knee more than 90 degrees. Nothing that does a lot of lateral movement, like basketball, racquetball, etc. No heavy fighting or fencing. (You! Stop that snickering! I can hear you!) Biking is ok as long as I keep the resistance low- heavy resistance will speed up the damage.

Bother, said Pooh.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday, Monday (ba-dah, ba-da-da-dah)


Saturday was so pretty! What happened?

It's been grey here all day, and this afternoon the rain was coming through in waves. Just makes me want to sleep, which I did, some. But I could not force myself to move today. I read the mail, and that's about it. Did make a phone call that I needed to make.

I have to get up and about fairly early tomorrow- have to go get my knee x-rayed, and then to the orthopedist to get it looked at. Maybe he'll be able to tell me why it sounds as though there are Rice Crispies in my knee...

Maybe the skies will clear up a bit tomorrow. I hope.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I got a sunburn, and it feels GOOD!

James and I went to Summits Coronet yesterday. It was a beautiful day- a little chilly in the moring, but lovely the rest of the day. We went down early (got up at 6:15. Bleah!) so I could make the peerage meeting. The meeting started late but finished up pretty much on time. I think the tourney started pretty much on time too. Nice clean tourney, some good fighting. William Geoffery won, beating Ragnarr in three. There was some dismay- quite a few people still have problems with Geoffy, and his lady is still wearing prom dresses. But I'm inclined to give them a chance.

Sven was down, and he played in the style tourney after Coronet lists. Looked like he had a lot of fun, especially with the ladies in the galley (who, admittedly, had broken out the Guinness ;-) who were cheering and hooting at him. They made him show off his Hawaiian print pants several times.

James and I had some nice nibblies- he brought hummous and some falafael and fruit and such. I brough olives and red pepper and tomatoes and cucumber and pita and apples, and water. Was a nice lunchy-snacky bunch of stuff.

Bera and Alail showed up, which is always fun. Amalric and Caia didn't make it, and I missed them. Rorik and Georgette were there, so I passed along whiny noises through them. Mirm was there, and The Girlz, and Svava and Hrafnr and Katrine came out too. We got to taste some of Hrafnr's Viking food. Most of it had dairy in it, so we couldn't eat it, but the pea 'hummous' was worth the trip! Yumm!

And I was a dumb cluck and got sunburned. :-P After the wet, grey winter, it feels kinda good! But the funny thing is, I was getting the sun on one side- so I'm piebald. :-) Oh well. It's not a bad burn, just a bit, so it'll fade in a day or two.

And now I have to buckle down and get ready for the Ithra class. *sigh*

Friday, March 16, 2007

It's officially Spring!

Ok, maybe the calendar doesn't say so, but I say so. And why? Because I just heard the first lawn mower of the season! And what a lovely sound it was! I think the sun even shines brighter...

I had to run Susitna in to the vet's and picked up an Rx on the way home. Oooh- spring really has sprung! Cherry, plum, and crabapple trees are blooming all over, The forsythia have exploded, the camellias are in bright bloom, and I even saw some azaelea blooming. There's daffodils, our hyacinth have bloomed (oh, the front walk smells so good!), and the violets have poked their little faces up! Hooray for violets!

Oy. Only a matter of days before the allergies start in...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

*insert silly title here*

Yeah, I'm not feeling terribly creative tonight...

Just... a day. I had an appointment with Carla, came home, did some stuff here on the computer, scrounged up some fabric for a new tunic (which I'll run up tomorrow) so I have something warm to wear Saturday, took a nap. Minor excitement with a sick cat. Other than that, I'm mostly just really tired, really just want to curl up someplace warm and sleep...

Some reading today on the blogs- looks like the US attorney scandal is coming to a head- all of the major networks have stories up about the memos from Rove and Gonzales. And the links to voter suppression and fraud are intriguing. I don't think Bush will let them touch Rove, but I think Gonzales had better get his resume updated. Tomorrow is Friday- I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Friday news dump is a resignation. And then there's the Plame affair- they aren't done with that one. Things could get interesting quickly... O for the days when we thought the government was there for the good of the people...

Have to wonder, is this what adulthood is really about? Seeing the seamy underside of things we took for granted when we were younger? This is really depressing. I don't know what is worse- being ignorant and happy, or losing that oblivious layer of rose colored glass.

Eh, time for bed.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ay, ay, yi yiiii... In China they never eat chili...

Oh, has it been a long day...

I ran a bunch of errands this morning, and finished up at Safeway. Got home, brought the groceries into the house, put them away, then discovered that my purse had not come in with me. Checked the car, and it wasn't there, went over every step in the house, it wasn't there. I even walked up one side of our block and down the other, looking too see if someone had grabbed it while I was unloading groceries. I was absolutely sick. Was about to call the bank and put a stop on my card when I got a call- from the customer service desk at Safeway. Someone had found my purse in the parking lot and turned it in. Wow- was that a huge relief! But by the time I got back I was completely wiped out. So I took a bit of a nap.

I really need a large print sign to flash in the back window of the car- something that says "They dropped the speed limit, nitwit". Because they did- it's down to *20* one most of Fremont from about 40th to 53rd. So I had this long line of people behind me through most of today, every time I went down it (which was 4 times, with the trips back and forth to Safeway). I hate tailgaters. Especially ones that flip me off. And the people who cross the double yellow to get around me are annoying too. So why is it there's never a cop handy when they do that? Only when *I'm* going too fast? Sheesh.

I found this humongous solid brass key at Goodwill today. It clearly said "Nadezhda" when I went by, so I grabbed it. Ned will love it, I'm sure. I also got a new feast basket (the old one is falling apart), some fabric (which may become part of an Easter outfit), a new mouse pad (guess what color?) and a brass coronetty thing that yelled at me as I went by. Not sure what to do with it (it's a bit small) but it is way cool and was only $.99. Couldn't pass it up.

And I bought food, which is a Good Thing. I like food.

Managed to do it all with a fairly bad headache. I only got out through force of necessity (and I was out of Raisin Bran!) , but I did it. Hope it helps me sleep better tonight.

Tomorrow's the Ides of March! A good day to stay out of the Senate, if you ask me! ;-)

Howdy howdy howdy!

Was just thinking of one of my favorite Far Side cartoons- a group of vultures around an expired cowboy, and one of them wearing the cowboy's hat and saying "Howdy howdy howdy! Lookit me! I'm a cowboy!" One of those absurd moments as only Gary Larson can deliver.

At the moment, I'm feeing more like the cowboy than the vulture. Still with the headache. I spend half my time sleeping, it seems, but it's the only way to deal with it at the moment- the ibuprofen is barely taking the edge off. Bleh.

Been watching the development of the DOJ firings scandal. Gets deeper and uglier every day. Messing with the justice system is BAD. If Gonzales had any scruples, he'd step down- but he hasn't got any scruples, and that's why he has the job. He already threw his assistant (Kyle Sampson) under the bus, so I wonder what comes next. And will anything more come of the Libby affaire? There's still quite a cry for Rove's head on a platter... 'with croutons'...

So this weekend is Summits Coronet. James is still undecided as to whether he'll be fighting or not. Apparently there's some confusion about the weapons forms. Should be an interesting day either way. I wonder if there's been a decision reached in the Terra Pomeria Coronet? Hmm. Could be more than one thing rides on Saturday's winners.

I'm still working on the book about chronicles- it's going slow because I keep falling asleep- not that it is the fault of the book, as it's plenty interesting. Just because I feel so crummy. Came across an interesting bit about the dating of the chronicles- apparently the concept of when the year began was not very... solid, necessarily. Some chronicles began the year at Christmas, some Jan 1, some in February, some in March, and a couple of late holdouts in April. So when other writers or later historians review these chronicles, sorting out dates can be a challenge. Dating by the year of the king's reign is in there too. And then there's the nones, ides, and kalends, and dating by saint's days. Just figuring out the date could be a day's work in itself!

Tomorrow- a run to the grocery, and maybe Goodwill.

But first, to wrestle my hat back from that vulture!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Drop a comment, silly persons!

So I've had a couple of people say that they haven't commented because you have to sign in with Google. Silly persons! It's painless, really! You don't have to get a new email account or start a blog or sell apples on streetcorners. It's no more complicated than the sign up I had to do so I can read the New York Times online. (Less so probably, because I can never remember the name I signed up under for the NYT and I always have to go look it up.)

So sign up, drop a comment- don't be shy!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Joke for the Day-

A man walked into a bar holding an alligator. He asked the bartender, "Do you serve lawyers here?" The bartender said, "Yes, we do!" "Good," replied the man. "Give me a beer, and I'll have a lawyer for my alligator."
From dKos 'Cheers and Jeers'. Does remind me of a bit of news I read the other day- a bunch of Drug Enforcement guys raided a house. Found a large quantity of meth, the usual guns, cash etc. And a four-foot gator running loose in the house.

Why does this not surprise me?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

So where did all the money go?

Well, here's one of the possibilities:

O'Beirne's staff posed blunt questions to some candidates about domestic politics: Did you vote for George W. Bush in 2000? Do you support the way the president is fighting the war on terror? Two people who sought jobs with the U.S. occupation authority said they were even asked their views on Roe v. Wade .
Many of those chosen by O'Beirne's office to work for the Coalition Provisional Authority, which ran Iraq's government from April 2003 to June 2004, lacked vital skills and experience. A 24-year-old who had never worked in finance -- but had applied for a White House job -- was sent to reopen Baghdad's stock exchange. The daughter of a prominent neoconservative commentator and a recent graduate from an evangelical university for home-schooled children were tapped to manage Iraq's $13 billion budget, even though they didn't have a background in accounting.

WaPo, September 17, 2006, A01

Geez- I'd send one of my kids, but I don't think they'd pass the screening...

I woke up about 3 this morning and could not go back to sleep. Finally drifted off about 10, and I've been out of sorts all day. But since it was Sunday (a feast day! Yay!) I made myself a nice big stack of pancakes with butter and syrup, and I also ate up the leftover Canadian bacon from the party. Oh, it was tasty! Burnt my tongue just a little bit on the bacon...

So I've been readnig this keen book about Chronicles- that is, the sort of chronicles that historians in the Middle Ages wrote, like Geoffery of Monmouth, and Jean de Froissart. The differences in purpose and approach changes how we can approach them, as well as their own veracity when written. For example, Geoffery of Monmouth keeps referring to an 'ancient book' that he's getting his information on Arthur and such from. Did that ancient book even exist, or what he claiming it as a way to bolster the authenticity of his work? There's also the issues created by the political bent of the writer, and the intended audience. It's a pretty good book so far. Only problem I've having is that I keep drifting off while reading.

I still haven't figured out what to wear for Easter- Wanda suggested that I make something. I just might. I have a couple of weeks yet to come up with something. In the meantime, I might want to slap something together for Coronet- I'm really short on clothes that fit, and I'd like to look halfway decent. I have that dark rust-colored wool- might be able to put a houpp with small sleeves together- there might be enough. I still need to get upstairs and clean the sewing room and my machine, and... bleh. Sounds like work.


Just a thought, but has anyone else noticed that Tony Snow looks a lot like Max Headroom? Just sayin'...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Funny, but when you're near me...

Yes, today the internal jukebox is playing 'I'm in a mood for love'. Eh, too bad James isn't here, eh?

So I had just finished blowing my nose this morning when I hear Wanda yell "Breakfast?" (She knew I was awake from the honking.) We went out to the Cameo, which is where we usually go on Saturday mornings. And it always smells so yummy. Problem today was, I sat down, and realized that most of the breakfast menu was off limits. I wasn't keen on eating hash browns alone for breakfast. So I ordered a veggie stir-fry off of the lunch menu. It was delicious, but was also somehow... wrong. My tummy wanted a waffle! And I fed it broccoli and cabbage and rice and...

We went up to Petco- Wanda wanted to get beds for the cats- she's thinking about evicting everyone but Zoe from her room at night- the other two move around too much. There was a gynormous cat tree that I think Shadow would love to play vulture from, but I don't think we could get it into Zippy.

And we went to Goodwill. I found a nice pair of ivory shoes, some fabric, and a serving bowl. I saw a dress that I liked, but they wanted $25 for it, and that's a bit much for me. I'll have to keep looking- I want something nice and 'springy' for Easter. Not sure what I want. Just tired of the same old black skirt.

You will notice the spiffy slug on the front page here- slyly added without my knowledge by someone who knows my password. That's ok- I know where he sleeps!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Is anyone here yet?

I haven't been able to post a 'we've moved!' sign over at Blog-City (I shake my fist at them! Bah!) but I did send out the blanket email to everyone that I'd moved. I hope that folks are moseying over to check out the new digs...

I finally made it out for a bit today- bank, and that funky little fabric store across from Safeway (Got the fabric I need for bands on James' bliaut), and New Seasons on the way home. New seasons had some tiny roses that were like 3 or 4 blooms on a stem. I got a handful of them- a brilliant coral/orange that looks like they should be pinned in the hair of a woman wearing a sarong and drinking something with an umbrella in it. :-)

I also got a pint of rice-milk 'ice cream'. I've had it before, but it didn't taste as good as I remembered. I got an orange and vanilla swirl, but the orange part has an odd aftertaste to it. Sometimes 'natural flavoring' isn't as tasty as the chemical stuff, I guess. As it is, I was just hoping to stave off the cravings for real ice cream. I think after Lent is over I'll have to find out where the most decadent hot fudge sundae in town is, and splurge. (I can feel my arteries hardening already...)

Poor Fox News. The Edwards campaign came out and said that if Fox News is running the Nevada debate, he won't be there. And Obama is refusing to interview with them. Can't imagine why- just because they're the most vile, venomous, scurrilous and partisan network operating now...

So yesterday, I had this whole huge post- a good one- all written up and then I tried to post (on the Blog-City acct) and it failed. I lost the whole thing. And the rotten thing is, I can't remember any of it now! Alas, my wonderous thoughts, lost to the ages because of a computer glitch!

*sigh* I've got to go to a Baronial award orders meeting tomorrow- who knows, maybe something interesting will happen there.
Just sighted on 'Cheers and Jeers' on Daily Kos-

By Bill in Portland Maine:

CHEERS to shrewd moves. See, by not paying his parking tickets, Barack Obama has just endeared himself to everyone from millionaire widows to rednecks with confederate flags on their trucks. Not to be outdone, Hillary promptly started ripping the tags off of mattresses.
(The original is here: )

Ok, I rip the tags off of pillows, and I have to admit, part of what I owe the UO may well be parking tickets. I don't remember. Does this qualify me to run for President?

And you gotta admit, Obama must have been feeling guilty about those tickets to remember them after all this time. Gotta wonder if the Harvard campus security is looking for other politicians now, eh? Hmm... W went to Harvard business school...

Didn't I just do this the other day?

Well, here I am, starting over again. Blog-City just changed their format and is going to paid-only. I tried to sign up for the free-30-day-trial so I could move stuff, but can't seem to get anything through. And now I can't post there because the format thingie isn't done. Whatever. Very annoying. So I'm moved over here. James has his new blog here, so he should be able to show me the ropes.

So now I push the magic button...