Thursday, April 15, 2010

I see... dead people...

He's really in pretty good shape, seeing as how he was buried 1200, 1250 years ago, eh?

Been looking at lots of pictures of sarcophagai, reading records, etc etc etc . Even sat down with Morwyn for an afternoon and evening and read through portions of the Capitulare de Villis (a document Charlemagne had put out with instructions for how his estates should be run). Big long list of plants that were supposed to be planted. (I'm trying to figure out what the Franks were eating, among other things.)

Also decided that yes, I'm changing my name. As on May 1st (SCA New Year) I will be Liutgard of Luxeuil. I have already encountered a fair amount of resistance, and people who don't like the name, how I pronounce it, how I spell it, the construction, the period, yadda yadda yadda. Do they think I would do this sort of thing without doing the research? I am very annoyed. And then there's the people who just can't cope with me being anything but 'Lainie. 'Know what? Deal. Really, folks. Just deal.

Also very busy- I'm making clothes for the incoming Summits royals, so there's a huge pile of fabric in the sewing room. I cut a bunch of stuff out last night, and this evening I started piecing together a gown for Gabriel. So far it is turning out really nice. I think they're going to be happy with their clothes....

Also went to Eugene last weekend, and saw the installation of the new Episcopalian bishop here in Oregon. It was really quite amazing, and I came away from it realizing that the SCA knows NOTHING about ceremony. Or spiffy clothes. Wow.

Tax Day is almost over. Sheesh, maybe the Tea Party gang (bankrolled by Fox) will shut up for awhile. We can hope.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Franks but no beans.

(The picture is of a 7th century Duke of Alsace, named Aldaric. Nice, nice clothes...)

So I've been really pretty busy lately, partly good, partly bad...

Sweet meat after sour sauce, they say, so here's the sour sauce:

The CAT scan in September showed a tumor about 5mm across. The scan in January showed it at a little more than 9mm, which is a significant increase. So they did a PET scan. The tumor was just a little too small to get a conclusive result, so they'll be doing another scan in June. They may decide to take a biopsy then, or maybe simply do surgery and get it out. It's not interefereing with my breathing at all- it's in the lower lobe of my left lung, and toward the outside. Hopefully will be fairly easy to get it out. What happens from them will depend on lab results. Very anxiety-making, but nothing I can do until June.


Think it's too early to lay my sleeping bag out front of the Schnitz? My tickets are for June 4th. Maybe a little early. :-)

I also have a ticket to see the formal installation of the new Episcopalian Bishop of Oregon. It should be interesting- I've never seen anything like it before, and they know how to put on a good show!

And I've been working some more on Frankish stuff. To the extent that I'm seriously considering changing my SCA name. Liutgard or Liutberga. From Luxeuil, which as it turns out, has a number of ties to the monastery at Corbie. Corbie... just can't seem to get away from that place...