Saturday, June 9, 2007

Butter me, baby- I'm toast!

Well, James and I made the trip down to Stinky War today. I am SO glad that we didn't camp. Not cold, but the rain was pretty constant, and it was a bit windy, too. I sat for awhile and watched the fighting, and then I curled up on the rug and went to sleep. Seemed like the thing to do. We packed up and came home. Went to dinner with Wanda and her friend Sharon at the new Chapel pub (McMenamin's), which is a lot less crowded then the Kennedy School. Came home and now I'm having trouble staying awake.

I'm feeling better than I was Wednesday- at least the coughing is not constant. But I get winded *REALLY* easily, and recover a lot more slowly. Feeling absolutely sapped. I sure hope I start to bounce back soon, because this is a real drag.

And oh- I tried to put on my trusty blue gown- the one I wear all the time. Could not get it on, which means more sewing for me, as I only have a couple of things I can wear. Very discouraging.

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