Monday, June 4, 2007

I had this terrific idea for a post

earlier Sunday. Did I write it down? Nope. Par for the course, I guess.

So I went to Eugene Saturday. Took Stephen out to lunch. He decided that Ruby was pretty tasty. We did a walk-through at Saturday Market (it looked just like I remembered), and then went down to the rose garden to hang out in the shade for awhile. It was almost cool under that big old cherry tree. Then we went over to David and Lydia's, where they were making boffers. Watched Robot Chicken for awhile, then I took Stephen home so he could catch a nap- he and his buds were going on a pub-crawl for his birthday. (I don't know how that turned out.)

It's been hot- way too hot for me- I'm okay up to about 80, but over that and I start having problems. It's been in the high 80s to low 90s. Ick. And Zippy has no A/C. And in Eugene there was this little problem called pollen. I was pretty miserable. And it was a good thing that I took my inhaler with me.

I slept most of Sunday- missed the Democrats debate. From what I read and watched clips later on, it looked like Edwards did really well. And the more I see of Hillary, the less I like her. Too bad- Bill as First Lady could be pretty interesting. The pundits seem to have backed off on Edwards a little- past couple of weeks they've been pretty rough, and none of it on anything substantive. They seem to think that nibbling him to death with ducks will bring him down. They don't have anything they can really say about his policy proposals, so they go after his haircuts and his house. Pretty stupid, I think.

I also think I need a popsicle. :-)

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