Thursday, June 14, 2007

Adventures in and out of 'Lainie-town!

I was out running errands today. And man, am I tired.

The excitement was when I drove across the river- there's a Pendleton Woolen Mills outlet store in Washougal, about 15 miles out from the bridge on I-205. I drove out there to see if they had anything I could afford for new clothes (they did- I brought home a 6-yard piece of a dark charcoal suitweight wool- $3/yd!). And when I went to check out, I handed the lady my Oregon driver's license with my debit card (Washington state has sales tax, Oregon doesn't. If an Oregonian buys something in Wash., they can get the sales tax off by showing their license. I like this. ). And come to find out it's expired. Not the debit card- *the license*. Since November!

I have no recollection at all of getting a renewal notice, and there's no renewal sticker on the license, and flipping through my check register, no check written for it either! Eek!

So I drove ~very carefully~ back across the river to DMV, and got my license renewed. (And was I feeling paranoid all the way there? Oh yes! Last thing I need is a citation for driving with an expired license!) They insisted on making a new one- picture and all. Blergh. I was running errands, had no makeup on, my hair needed combing and I'm wearing my Gryffindor t-shirt. So now I have a driver's license picture that makes me look like the World's Oldest 14-year-old!

And of course simply braving DMV... wait wasn't too long, except there were three of them. And the last two I had to sit between someone who was clearly a heavy smoker, and a fellow who believes that after-shave is akin to godliness, and he wanted to be very Godly! So why is it that when I pull out the albuterol inhaler, they look at me like I'm the problem?

Tomorrow's adventure- Mill End!


Unknown said...

Here in New York I can get a tax-exempt form from the non-profit company I work for, and give the merchant a copy and the won't charge me sales tax. That is if I'm actualy buying things for the non-profit company... otherwise I'm a tax criminal. Heheh.

Liutgard said...

Heh indeed! I read recently taht apparently the law says that Washington residents who buy stuff in Oregon are supposed to declare the amount to Wash and pay the missing tax. Of course I've never heard of it happening. I would guess that maybe car dealers do it though. Don't know. But an awful lot of people come across the river to shop.

Mel. said...

So?!? What did Mill Ends enrich you with? Those of us in fabric hell (we have ONE JoAnn's and a scary place that has lots of tricot nylon) are quite envious of those of you that have OUTLETS! FOR WOOL! (Although I did pick up some nice linen at 50% off the other day)

Liutgard said...

Oohh... I didn't score (I got skunked) but Cathy scored big! Will write new post about it later today...