Saturday, November 29, 2008


The potatoes are gone and the gravy is gone and the pumpkin pie is long gone, but there's still lots of turkey and heretical (cornbread) stuffing, and a little cranberry sauce and lots of the vegetable dishes. No reason to go hungry in this house!

We had 12 at dinner Thursday and 16 on Friday- house has been very busy place! I made the pies (which came out brilliantly!) and the cranberry sauce and completely slacked off on everything else, which meant that I didn't totally collapse (yay for me!) and I'm even vaguely human here on Saturday. James and I went for a walk this afternoon, stopped at a local resale shop (I spent a little moneys there) and then went to McMenamin's for drinks and just some time by ourselves. It was nice. Then we walked back home and had more turkey. :-)

David and Lydia are here, and Stephen got here yesterday afternoon- they've been playing games (though David has been working on some homework too) and in general behaving themselves. Dan and Ellen and her folks have been in and out- shopping etc. Most everyone goes home tomorrow- it will be very quiet when they're all gone!

And Monday is time to seriously cut back the eating- I have no clothes that fit anymore!

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Unknown said...

I made 5 pies expecting more people to come than did. So several of my gusts got sent home with whole pies. I am the awesomest hostess ever.
I still have half of one in my fridge. My favorite breakfast ever!
Also I made a 22 pound turkey and he came out Beautifully. My roomate made non-canonical stuffing but it was Delicious.
Now I have an awful lot of dishes to wash...