Friday, November 7, 2008

About the echocardiogram-

Wednesday I had the echocardiogram, and it was a very interesting experience. It's basically an ultrasound, specifically one of the heart. The other ultrasounds I've had were obstetric, so it was interesting to not be watching a kid on the screen. It was also interesting to watch my heart beat on the screen, especially as they looked ast different parts.

Well, they didn't really see anything that would necessarily explain the atrial fibrillation episodes. They did say that my left atrium is slightly enlarged. And there's evidence to suggest that I had a mild heart attack at some time in the last few years. I think I know when it was, and at the time I'd thought it was a bad med reaction. Well, now I know better. Anyway, basically it's a wait and see sort of thing. If I have another bad episode with the a-fib they want to see me, otherwise I get to kind of muddle through myself.

In other news, I finally finished the verger's robes, at about 4am Thursday. I ran down to Salem and delivered them Thursday evening, and James (who was there for a church conference) thought they were wonderful. Yay. I was so tired I didn't care. And now I have to clean the sewing room- I'm hosting a sewing work weekend this weekend, and the sewing room looks like a bomb went off. A bomb of black velvet floof and wool scraps and threads...

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