Friday, November 14, 2008


No really, I'm just about that tired! I'd crawl back into bed, but there's a cat on it, and I hate to disturb him. Sleeping kids and kitties are so cute, they make you forget how rotten they are when they're awake...

Saturday I hosted a weekend workparty. At one point I counted 9 of us, and we really got a lot done. I cut stuff out for Aleyn and Helena, Claire worked some more on her blue gown, Regina and Matilda worked on drafting a new doublet for Regina, Honoria hung out while I cut out a Burgundian gown for Agnes, and Ursel dropped by later in the evening. I made pizzas for dinner and Aleyn brought two huge cream pies (Mmmm... pie!). We hung out chatting and eating until about midnight. Was fun!

Sunday Agnes and Matilda and Claire were back, and we got a LOT done on the Burgundian gown. But man, by the time everyone left I was barely moving. More than a little overdrawn at the energy bank!

I actually got some stuff done for myself- slowly but surely the nutmeg-colored wool is becoming a new coat. I'm lining and interlining it, so it should be warm. And the color is sooo nice and warm! Looks like pumpkin pie! I have the main body put together, and the sleeves are together. I have to finish the front opening and put a collar on it, then I can do the side seams and put the sleeves on, and then hem it. Maybe I'll finish it this weekend.

Regina is at the ATC this weekend, so I'm on kitty duty. Susitna needs extra meds and such, and she's not being especially cooperative about it. And she's so skittish about being near someone, much less touched or held, it's been a chore to get them down her. Silly cat.

I actually ordered myself some- *gasp!*- new clothes! Not much- just some new black leggings, as the last of mine died. I also ordered some music- one of my Sting tapes is dying from overuse, so I ordered a CD to replace it. And I ordered some of James' Christmas present. Heh heh heh. :-) Now I have to wait for more money to come in to get more shopping done.

Ehhhh... move over, cat. I need a nap.


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