Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Aren't those just the cutest little girls? And they get to go to Washington with a new puppy!

The votes aren't completely counted everywhere- I understand that Nebraska isn't done counting yet, and the margin is razor thin, as is Missouri with a 338 vote margin. You could just about shave with that! But we opened the champagne when CNN called it for Obama, and my, but it was good!

Now comes the hard part, of course- putting the country back to rights. So many things, so much to do! But having seen the energy people put into the campaign, if Obama can get that kind of support after the inauguration, there's almost nothing we can't accomplish. I think that we are on the verge of big things.

Speaking of _verge_, the chevrons are on the second sleeve, and they are halfway corded. I should be able to finish them up and get the lining put in to both sleeves, and start pleating them in. Time is tight, but I think I can do it.

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Mel. said...

I'm finally caught up on two months of posts from you. I have unrepentantly been a(n over) fulltime volunteer on the Obama campaign in Florida. I think I weeped tears of joy more when Florida went blue than when Obama won. While NW Florida (or as they call it here South Eastern Alabama) was still quite red, we had more votes for Obama than this area has had for any other Democratic candidate since JFK and that was before my time. While the paid out of state staff didn't quite get why we were so giddy since we didn't "win" NW Florida, the locals were ecstatic at our work. And since we don't divide congressional districts in this state (thank the Gods for that) all Florida's votes got mushed together for 27 wonderful EV's for President-Elect Obama.

Your oldest godchild was also working beside me. Ems is a super canvasser and went out daily for about the last 10 days. Prior to that she was helping enter all the volunteer data we collected from the Michelle Obama rally (I missed getting to meet Michelle, but did get to be on a conference call with Barack - and 20,000 of his top volunteers). Ems' constant chant was "Teens for Obama, we'd vote if we could." She also pleaded with me to elect Obama so she can re-elect him. I love that my kids (and *your kids*) are so knowledgeable about politics. We did something right somewhere in that regard.

Finally rested and knitting again.