Monday, November 3, 2008

One day to go!

The excitement is palpable... I bought a bottle of champagne to open Tuesday night, and the checker asked what I was celebrating. I said "Tomorrow's election day! And it sure looks like Obama's going to win!" She grinned, and said "Good plan!"

If I can shake free the time tomorrow I think I'll bake some brownies and take them down to the Obama office on Killingsworth. They were out there collecting ballots last night, in the rain. I suspect that some warm chocolate love would be a good thing.

I've worn a grove in my finger, working on the verger's robes. I was going to post some more pictures but the photos are really grainy and you really can't see anything. (If anyone wants to know what to get for me for Christmas, a decent digital camera would be a Very Good Thing.) The work has gone slow but is speeding up, mostly of necessity. I have the chevrons tacked down on one of the sleeves, and the embroidered cord is done on one chevron. That will go fairly quickly though. After both sleeves are chevroned, I have to pleat them up and put them on the body of the gown. After that, they're done. It's just getting the other sleeve done that is going to take time... I have to deliver them Thursday, so I'm on the line here.

Busy week besides- Monday afternoon it's time for the yearly mammogram (oh, such fun! Not.), Tuesday is Election Day, and we'll be watching the returns, And Wednesday is the echocardiogram. Sleep? What is this thing you call sleep?

Just put the brownies in the oven. Now if I could just get the 'Witchita Lineman' song out of my head, it'd be a halfway decent day...

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