Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ahh, Bach!


Three hours of Bach.

On period instruments.

In the Cathedral.


James got tickets for tonight's concert but couldn't make it himself, so I took Claire. It was wonderful. Bach's Christmas Oratorio, with soloists, choir, and orchestra. The oboes were especially outstanding, and I was having a blast watching the organist- he was really 'into' the music. The soprano soloist looked alot like Annie, and oddly enough, is about the same age. The contralto was awesome. What a voice!

And then we came back here and made hot fudge sundaes, which seemed a fitting end to the evening. :-)

Not much else happening. The leftovers are gone. I'm slowly amassing Christmas presents. Got an especially good one for Wanda. James already know what I'm getting him, but I'm wrapping it anyway. :-) Shadow is still fluffy and dumb as a brick, and I still feel like crap most of the time. :-P Bleh.

I ran into (nearly literally) Paul the other day and had lunch with him to catch up. He's still planning to move to Thailand as soon as he can put together a job there. I has one on the line now but it needs a resolution to the latest coup, so he's still waiting on that. Apparently he and the girl over there are no longer an item, but he didn't say what happened. Was a nice enough lunch, but a little disconcerting. I saw brief flashes of the Paul I used to know, but not much. Mostly he's angry and bitter and almost hateful. He complains that he doesn't have friends here in Portland but the friends he's had he's shoved away. Last time I pointed that out he said I was mean and didn't speak to me for several months. I still haven't figured out what was mean about telling the truth. At any rate, it was odd to see what he's become and know that there's not a damn thing I can do for him. Someone that angry has got to be in a lot of pain, but rather like a wounded animal, he has a knack for biting someone who tries to help. Very, very sad.

Also made me very, very glad to have James. Goofball that he is, he is an amazing man. Basically happy with himself and the world, and it is truly amazing just how much that does to color your life.

Hot fudge helps too. :-)


Mooncat said...

Hot fudge helps just about anything!
I told a friend of mine about your Bach evening, and we're both totally jealous!
And you are very blessed to have James!

Liutgard said...

Well, with the weather we're having now (which you may or may not get, as the wind is actually coming _from_ the east), I'm tempted to have another hot fudge sundae. Skip the ice cream! Highs of 25, wind chill of 13. Pretty icky out there.