Thursday, May 10, 2007

You put de lime in de coconut...

...and shake 'em all up!

Yum. I'm dreaming of something strong with an umbrella in it. Just that sort of day, you know?

Spent the afternoon at the dentist, doing the annual checkup and cleaning thing. No cavities, one spot in the gum that is unhappy (between a couple of particularly crowded teeth) but is still ok. They did note that the dry mouth is becoming more of a Problem. I believe that falls under the heading of 'no shit, Sherlock'. Problem is, I'm already doing everything they've suggested, so I just have to put up with it. Bleah.

Why does that polishing stuff have to taste so bad? And they had a new thing for the flouride- instead of the gastly gummy, waxy goop that they paint on, they have this new thing: looks like a set of dentures, made of soft white plastic. They fill the grooves with what looks like hair mousse but is actually flouride, and pop it in your mouth for a couple of minutes. Tastes kind of icky, but then they take it out and you're done. I can live with that.

Wanda arrived home from Germany yesterday (after some major confusion about what flight she was on) and she came home sick as a dog with some germ she picked up on vacation. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I can avoid it- it's really nasty and she's *really* sick. Begone, germs! In the Name of Robitussin, begone! (Think that'll work?)

My children are all bums. Bums, you hear? Lydia doesn't have email access right now, but I know that the other two do! But do they write their mother? Well, Annie does, once in awhile. But Stephen doesn't. He's a bum! Well, maybe this weekend I'll get a call or a note (snif!).

James is coming up tomorrow evening, and we're going to a concert downtown. And spending Saturday working on pavillion stuff, weather allowing. Today it was gorgeous out. Only drawback is the pollen count- I had to scrape green fluff off of the windscreen again today. Might explain the sinus headache.

Almost halfway through May! How did that happen?

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