Thursday, May 24, 2007

Too Pooped to Party

Well, it is seriously looking like I won't be going to Egils after all. The asthma is not calming down enough, I seem to have hurt my ribs on one side from coughing, and I'm exhausted from not being able to sleep. I'm really unhappy about this, because I was really looking forward to seeing friends, spending time with my son, and being with James.


Wanda is having serious difficulties at work, so that makes for a rather unhappy household. And Zippy is at the shop, which gives me some concern for costs, and also limits my ability to get out of the house. I think I can handle a walk down to New Seasons though. I might head down there later today (it is Thursday already). Maybe stop by Winston's and drool over that gorgeous library table they have. *sigh*

I did finish the repairs on the pavilion, which is good. Maybe I should work on the tourney gear this weekend. Or sew. If I'm up to it. I have that mulberry wool taht I've been thinkng about making something for me out of...

I got a postcard from Ivar today- he and Juana are in the UK, doing what SCAdians do in the UK. The card had a photo of that one multi-colored embroidered early Jacobean jacket- with a portrait of the owner, Margaret Laton, actually wearing it. Major cool.

Maybe I'll toddle off and see if I can sleep now...


Unknown said...

Oh No! Can't go to Egils? That makes me very sad..
I've been having Egils-lust all month and now I can't even live vicariously.. wahh.
Stupid Steroid inhaler. After all of that and it doesn't even work? BOOO! BOOO, says I.

Liutgard said...

Hey, I'm really bummed because I was going to take yer brother. But I'm still having trouble breathing, and I'm either vibrating from the albuterol, or out cold. Life sucks.

And to add insult to injury, the past two years have been RAINRAINRAINRAIN and more RAIN, but it looks like this weekend will be clear and mild. It is SO not fair!

Mooncat said...

I'd be bummed about Egil's, too....I was too sick to go to 30th Year, and felt completely deserted when all my friends went and had a Grand Time. (okay, so they brought me nifty consolation gifties, but still...*sniff*)
I'll raise you a rain insult, though....there's a leak in the roof over the attic over my head (2nd floor apartment), and it was pouring Nasty Brown Water all over the end of my bed last night. I don't even wanna *think* of the mold/mildew that's got to be colonizing the attic. Our rental agency is *so* going to get a call this morning!
And what is this rain crap, anyways? Montana isn't part of the Pacific NorthWet! Y'all can *keep* your nasty moistures, you can!