Monday, May 14, 2007

The problem with popcorn is...

that the stupid hulls get stuck in your teeth. So here I sit with brush and floss, trying to get them out. *Sigh*

Had a moderately busy weekend. James came up- he had tickets for a concert, so I got dressed up and we went downtown to the Schnitz. And when we got there we found out that the venue had been moved to the Rose Garden. So we hurried down to the MAX station and picked up the train. Got there in plenty of time to find our seats, etc. Was 'Celtic Women'- pretty interesting. Not my favorite music, but the drummers were fun to watch. The violinist, too. And there was one dress that I could have cheerfully stolen- gorgeous gold/bronze/burnt orange sort of shot taffeta. It was really something.

Anyway, then we sort of got on the wrong train when we came out, and got a railway tour of Portland all the way up to the Expo Center. Found our way to the right train, got back downtown. Got Zippy out of the parking garage _just_ before they closed for the night. It was a close one. The main problem for the evening was my shoes- they look nice, and they're fine for standing in, but not fine to walk in. By the time we came out from the concert, I was so miserable I took them off and walked in my stocking feet. And when we got home I washed them carefully and discovered the blisters- a little bigger than quarters, on the balls of both feet. It made ambulation a bit difficult for the rest of the weekend...

Saturday we got breakfast at Cup and Saucer, and checked out the vintage shop a couple of doors down. Found a couple of pretty tops for Annie. And I saw The Library Table! It is gorgeous! Exactly the right size and shape. I'm thinking that I might walk down there this week and measure it. I certainly can't afford it, and have nowhere to put it right now anyway, but it sure is nice to dream...

Speaking of dreaming, Sunday we went to church, and after we poked our heads in and looked at the chapel- possible wedding site. I think we need to do a preliminary guest list though- the chapel only seats 120. We also went into the parish hall, where they were having an exhibit of members' work. Some really nice stuff. James got an illuminated page for me, with a quote from Erasmus: "When I have a little money, I buy books. If there is any left, I buy food and clothes." Just right for a bibliophile. :-)

I got a Mother's day e-card from Annie, a picture of Iso, saying "Orange is best color!", and Lydia called me. The tall blond bum didn't write or call, but I heard from him earlier in the week, so he's kinda off the hook. He may be coming to Egils with me, which will be cool. Mostly I think he's coming for the 'mom food'. :-)

And now I'm off to finish reading the funnies, and go to bed!

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