Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Too much excitement!

Oy oy oy!

The excitement really was all in Brooklyn- I was just here in Portland chewing my nails and waiting for the phone to ring. Annie's throat was tonsillitis all right, but it had abscessed, and she was in pretty bad condition when she went to ER (which turned out to be walking distance and as it was a teaching hospital, she got some really pretty good care). Scary. Anyway, her account of the epic day in the hospital is here: http://theminnick.wordpress.com/2007/05/22/doctor-doctor-give-me-the-news/

She is just amazing. I don't think I could have handled it that well. Hey, I'm still weak in the knees from worrying about her!

My steroid inhaler came today, which is good. Still coughing and gagging, but this evening (after a couple of doses) it seems to be slowing a bit. I hope. My ribs are soooo sore from coughing...

I got jack done today (partly because I was waiting to hear...) but I have an appt with Anna in the morning, which means I have to be up and aware. And then Wanda and I have to drop off Zippy with Adam in Oregon City. Hopefully being up and about will get the blood moving and make me get more done. Yep- that's the plan. Hmm. So I suppose I should go to bed now...

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