Saturday, May 5, 2007

More than one way to skin a cat...

...and I may start trying all of them pretty soon now!

Shadow is driving me nuts. He wants to be in my lap ALL THE TIME, preferably either with his nose right on mine, or the other way 'round with his tail up my nose. I can turn him around and make him sit down, but that lasts about ten seconds and then he's in my face again. And if I leave my door open at night, he's walking back and forth over my face and/or my hair, of knocking things off of furniture of pouncing on my feet (my bedspead is getting snagged up something fierce). If I close my door at night, he whines and scratches at it all night long.

I can hardly wait for Wanda to come home to he has someone else to annoy.

Not much happening this week. Had an appointment with Carla, stopped at the store. Today I wrestled the pavilion around upstairs for a bit and got one of the sections repaired, and another pinned down. It's not _technically_ difficult, but functionally difficult. Sewing the patch on is no problem- it's keeping other bits out of the way while I'm sewing, etc, that is the rough part.

28%. Bush is at 28%. Heh. And the Newsweek polling says that Clinton, Edwards, or Obama can beat any of the current republican candidates. Lets hope the trend holds.

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