Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting down to the wire...

A week from now we should have the election results, and if things go like they're looking, the Democrats will be celebrating. In the meantime though, there's plenty of what hits the fan about, and the noise to content ratio is getting pretty high. Ah, for the calm of November 5th!

(Would that be calm, or just a hangover?)

Still working on the verger's robes, and encountering glitches. I'd ordered some twisted cord from Fabric Depot, to finish the lapel edges and around the chevrons on the sleeves. Made the order nearly three months ago and waited, and waited, and waited. Finally Saturday I told them to cancel the order. They called me back Monday to explain what had happened. Apparently Heritage Trims, the company that makes the braid, has merged with another company, and is now working out of China (of course). There's been problems filling orders since this happened, and the guy who called me says that when things come in- if they come in- the quality isn't that great. Fabric Depot is now phasing out that product line, as it's too much trouble. Which doesn't help me much, but it was good to finally find out why the cord was not coming in.

No one else in town seems to have it either, so I'm going with plan B and embroidering the braid myself. It isn't that hard- just time consuming. But it looks good and it's getting done, slowly but surely.

The other glitch has been figuring out the folded section in the lapels. The book with the patterning sketches doesn't come with construction instructions, so I've been doing a lot of fiddling trying to figure out how the pieces work. This slows me down and gives me extra headaches, which I have anyway- working black on black is really hard on the eyes. Gotta get it done though- they need it before the 6th, so I need to finish it up this weekend. Hey- the work keeps me out of trouble, right?

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