Thursday, October 25, 2007

Still fascinated by Frankish Goodness!

Completely awesome garnet brooches, eh? I'd offer to sell my firstborn for a pair, but somehow I think I no longer have the title and registration on her, yanno? Sigh. I still want the brooches...

Lessee, last Thursday Claire came over for Movie Night and we watched The Advocate and I cut out the mulberry wool for an undergown to go with the tweed Frankish gown. Hopefully I'll get them done for 11th Night. Crown Council would be cool too if I could get it done by then. I think I have enough of the burnt orange silk to make banding. I'll have to pencil it out and see.

Lydia got home very late Tuesday and yesterday I drove her home to Eugene. She had a wonderful time in New York and a good visit with Annie. And I sent her home with a hood and a gown, all cut out and ready to sew. And I think I have good ideas for Christmas gifts for she and David.

The drawback to the drive is that I had to drink Red Bull to get home safely- and then when I got home I couldn't sleep. Bleh.

Had my yearly mammogram today. Oooch. There's got to be a better way to get a good scan than to slap 'em on the plate and squarsh 'em down. 'Discomfort', they call it. Riiight. I'd bet those machines were invented by a cranky middle-aged man with 'mother issues'.

Tonight is Project Night and I really ought to get the sewing room cleaned up a bit. Maybe after a nap.


Mel. said...

You know, *I* still do have title rights to my first born (and my second and my first born son.) Hmmmm. Too bad they aren't quite my period. Guess I'll have to let them go.

Glad to see you have surfaced again this week from underneath your rock.

Unknown said...

nd anyway, your firstborn has called dibs on the broaches herself... Actually, in one of my books, there's a pair like that only round. I want those.

Liutgard said...

You mean this one?

Not the best picture, but the one I have handy. Lovely garnet brooches. And here's her hairpins-
BTW Annie, I'm going to hang on to your Frankish books for a bit- just until I can get copies of my own- there's a couple of pictures in them that I haven't found elsewhere.

I also found a picture of a German woman's interpretation of Queen Arnegunde's outfit-
About three centuries earlier than I'm looking for now, but interesting nonetheless.