Thursday, October 18, 2007

Teh wurdz of Ceiling Cat in LOL!

This is almost too much- there's an effort being made to translate the Bible into "LOLCat," better known as the language of i can has cheez burger. Here's a section from the first chapter of Luke:

Hail, Mary
26Ceiling Cat sended Gabriel, a hovr d00d, to Nazareth (dat is a citi in Galilee) 27 to a virgn naemd Mary. She wuz engajded to a d00d naemd Joseph. 28 Gabriel wuz liek "O hai Mary, u iz realli nice. Ceiling Cat iz wif u." 29 Mary wuz kiend of worrid about dat. 30But teh hovr d00d wuz all "Doant be afraid. Ceiling Cat iz happi wif u. 31U iz gonna hav a kittn. Naem him Jesus. 32He wil be graet. He wil be teh kittn of Ceiling Cat an his daddi will give him David's chaer. 33He wil r00l Jacob's house forevr."

34Mary wuz liek "O rly, i iz a virgn remembr." 35Gabriel wuz all "Ceiling Cat wil take caer of it." 36Elizabeth iz goin to hav a kittn n evribodi seded it wuz imposubl." 37Nothin iz imposubl for Ceiling Cat."

38Mary sed "I is happi to do Ceiling Cat's work. Liek u sai." N Gabriel lefted.

U can c mur at:

In other news, Lydia is in NYC with Annie, though getting her there was a bit stressful. Her flight from Portland to Houston was majorly delayed- the 11:45 departure ended up being 2:26, and she missed the connecting flight to NY and had to grab another one. But it worked out and she is probably out on the town with Annie as I type.

Not much in other news. Stephen is coming up the first weekend in November, which should be cool- I haven't seen him for awhile. Wanda is home from her trip to Hawaii and Guam, James is home from Arkansas (he stayed a couple of days here after he got in, which was vairry naice. :-))

I go now. kthnxbi!

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