Monday, September 3, 2007

September! When did it get to be September?!?

I was just getting used to the idea of August!

Well, I figured I'd better put up a post before someone started mocking me. (You know who you are!) And I kinda wanted to push the last one down the page a bit. The color that someone adjusted my bukkit to is just a hair too pink- it makes it look like some sort of contraceptive device. :-P

Lessee- the last couple of weeks have been interesting, in the not-so-fun sense. We adjusted my meds again about a month ago, and just about the time that my blood levels caught up to the new dosage, my body finally decided it didn't Incredible muscle pain and tension (more so than usual- a lot more), so basically I felt like a giant charley horse. Could barely move. So this last week I was in to see Anna (the shrink who manages the drugs we were adjusting), and we agreed to bring the dosage back down to see what happened. Well, I basically confirmed that it was the drugs and not some new and festive problem- as the blood levels dropped, I felt better. I saw a pen on the floor today and stooped over to get it- something I couldn't have done this time last week. So now we're back to where we were...

Needless to say, I didn't go to Crown. Cedric Rolfson won- I've never heard of him, likely because he's from Wastekeep. (I don't get east of the mountains often.) Name is kinda Anglo-Saxon, so I'm wondering if this will be a Saxon reign or another Viking ruler. I'm hoping that someone puts more info up on the Cathedral or on the kingdom website.

Wanda is out of town again. So I'm taking care of kitties. Susitna is being a putz though- this evening when I mixed up her mushy-food-and-vitamins, she decided that it would be a good time to hide. I saw her on the chair, turned to get the food dish, and turned around and she was gone. I wandered around calling her and looking in her favorite hidey spots but I can't find her. I guess she'll go hungry for awhile. :-P

Oh, woe is me. So sad, to be forced to eat leftovers... from the BBQ we had yesterday. Lamb kabobs. And rice pilaf. Yes, I know, it is a great sacrifice. But someone's got to do it, and as I'm the only human in the house right now...

James is very good at the manly thing of grilling dead animal parts.

Fire good! Bring trees!

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