Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ah has new buhkit!

New bukkit is purty!

(Actually, it's not violet. You already know what color it is...)

(edit: All right, some goofball has changed the color, so now it looks orange. Geek. :-))

Wanda and I went shopping today and brought home much kill, err... stuf. First we had to go to Office Depot for printer cartridges. @#$%^ those things are expensive! I got mine, Wanda bought a new printer, and it is currently in the box in the middle of the kitchen.

We also went to Ross, and I got a nutcracker (they're already out! And it's flippin' August!), a package of heavy wooden hangers for the sewing room (those goofy plastic things will not hold up to a houppelande!) and mah buket. (It's small enough that it tucks in at the desk.) Wanda got a bunch of clothes.

Then we went to Goodwill out on 122nd.Wanda found some clothes and stuff, and I didn't bother to look for clothes (it just depresses me) but I headed right to the fabric- and scored! 5 yards of ivory rayon faille, 8 yards of a pale green linen/cotton blend, and 8 yards of silk shantung, in a lettuce green. And I had a $10 off slip, so I got the whole thing for the low, low price of $6.12!


I'm going to make myself a new cotehardie, fat or not fat. I can always take it in later.

And I found my orange hairbrush. Life is looking up. :-)


Unknown said...

Oh, whar iz mah hairbrush...

Liutgard said...

Not bad singin' for a cucumber...