Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Report from 'Lainie's House of Pain

Poor Larry.

So the new squire needed livery, and a surcoat was a good place to start. Gold and black, quartered, and counterchanged. We went out and bought trigger (the most bomb-proof fabric for surcoats that I know of) and bias tape, and set to work. Larry did most of the work. I sat down and started stuff, to show him how to miter the bias at the corners, for instance. For awhile we had duelling sewing machines going. We had a bit of a setback when we discovered that we'd but it together backwards (why do we always find these things when we're nearly done?) and had to take it apart and put it back together. But it is finally done (after something like four days of work- and hard work at that). Larry took it home, and now I have to start sewing for myself!

I'm making an 8th-9th c Frankish outfit for myself, hopefully to have done this weekend. I have some red wool and some very nice green knotwork trim for it. My hat is almost done. Not sure yet what I'll do for veils. I have some habitai I could dye, but still thinking of heavier stuff. May have to re-watch some of the Charlemagne tapes for ideas.

Not much going on otherwise. Wanda was gone for a week, and I mostly slept or supervised the surcoat project. Pretty much over the little med reaction, which set in right after Sport of Kings. It was not fun.

Heading off to Summits Coronet this weekend. That'll be my last camping event for the season. After that I'm planning to get caught up on my sewing. (HA!) Maybe even deep-clean my room.

I need more bookshelf space. (Doesn't everyone?) And I still have all of the stuff downstairs to go through. No rest for the wicked...

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