Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Not my fault!

The dog ate it, the cat threw up on it, my good dress was at the cleaners, friends came from out of town...

Ok, that's what the picture looks like to me. It's Charlemagne and one of his wives (probably Fastrada, who was a nasty piece of work), and it looks like he's admonishing her and she's not having any of that. Interesting from a costuming point of view- she has several layers of gowns, it seems, a scarf of veil around her neck and falling behind her, and a mantle or sleeveless coat. Pointy shoes, and her hair seems to be wrapped up with a turban or something. and geez, doesn't she have huge hands!

Sunday was fun- there were eight of us at breakfast- Wanda and I, Karl and Linda, Robert and Ilonka, and Liadan and Conchobar (hope I spelled that right). We were noisy and had fun. I kind of like it where there's lots of us.

We went home and I laid down for a nap as usual, but when I got up a couple of hours later, I had a migraine. Pretty miserable. I went back to bed in hopes of just sleeping it off. Didn't really work but at least I wasn't conscious.

Today (Monday) I went upstairs and sorted out my pile o' fabric.Trying to figure out what it all will be- Some of it is self-evident (like the orange coating wool) but some has not 'spoken' to me yet. But at least the pile is neater. Now I have to get the stuff off of the floor. Eventually there will be sewing happening.

Should have company on Thursday- a woman named Morgan who wants help with garb. Heh. Someone new to play with. Should be fun.

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