Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I picked up my new glasses this afternoon, and- WOWOWOWOWOW!!! I haven't seen this well for years! No more squinting! And except for a teeny bit of peripheral distortion, no troubles adjusting to them! Felt wonderful the first time I put them on! Frames fit slightly different, so I expect a bit of sore neck/scalp muscles, but the sight it great! Yay for progressive lenses!

Nothing much otherwise. Feeling under the weather, mostly because the weather continues to be weird. Stressed about money (thanks to the new peepers), missing my sweetie, etc. Been making some progress upstairs though. Havoise is a better embroiderer than I am (poo!) and the sleeve is looking pretty good. Have sleeve #2 ready to embroider too. No rest for the wicked. Suppose I should head back up for more punishment in the House of Pain...


Unknown said...

Hooray! I'm so happy you like your new glasses! Been a long time coming, ne?

Liutgard said...

Got my last ones 3 years ago, and the ones before that close to 10. Thankfully it only took a week to get these- they had to send them to Minnesota because I need such fat ones. :-P

Did you send your computer off? Do they know what's wrong with it?