Saturday, April 19, 2008

A short progress report- plus more progress!

So, here's a picture of the current state of Gunthar's sleeve:

Tip your head to your right, and that's the direction it's oriented, with the scallop hinges up, in the default position. After the leaves are done, I'm going to bead/pearl the bejesus out of it. Should be spiffy.

Not much more to report- Wanda left for the Marriage Enrichment seminar that she's running, Claire and Katrine were over Thursday night, and we got hail yesterday. I still love my new glasses. I talked to Lydia last night, and she says that David is going to use part of his severance pay to go back to school, hopefully to finish this time. Something in the IT area. She's very pleased. And I talked to Stephen, who sounded pretty good, and he might come to Egils if he can get the time off. That would be fun.

Robert and Ilonka should be here anytime now, so I'm off to sew!

** edit **
We spent all day sewing- they each left with a new piece of garb, and I finished the embroidery on that sleeve. And I am utterly wrung out. But it's done, and later this weekend I can put the other sleeve up on the frame and start all over again... :-P

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