Sunday, April 13, 2008

Been a slow week...

Been trying to get some work done- some success, some not. Havoise came over Monday and Thursday to help with the embroidery project, which is going slow but looking pretty good. I spent a couple of days down with an unhappy tummy, and the very variable weather is playing havoc with joints and headaches. The headaches have been worse anyway because of the glasses- the new ones will be here probably Thursday, and they can't come quick enough. This old pair is an old Rx and they don't fit as well, which makes for a lot of muscle tension.

Saturday was the State level of judging for National History Day, and I went to Willamette University in Salem to help with the judging. It was a so-so year, entrywise. I was on one of the teams judging Middle School Exhibits. Some really sadly done ones- one kid had _only_ websites for sources. Including Wikipedia. All of them were unclear on what constituted a primary source. Several didn't get the idea of how to link material to the theme. But we had a couple of good ones, including one kid that did hers on the Little Rock Nine- the black kids that required federal troops to get them into their high school, even after the Supreme Court had decided in their favor. This girl had a copy of the Brown v Board of Education decision, an Executive Order from President Eisenhower directing the 101st Airborne to enforce the decision, and a telegram of thanks from the parents of the high schoolers, to Eisenhower. She had a bunch of really cool pictures too. And she's going to Nationals.

There was a demo in Terra Pomeria that day too, so after we were done with the judging I drove down to Riverside Park to where the demo was. Met with Katrine and Sofia and them. (It was hot, so I didn't change- was wearing a plain black dress anyway.) Got measurements, sat in the shade for a bit, then got into poor hot little Zippy and came home. I crashed early- I had a hard time staying awake on the way home, even with Prairie Home on full blast. And I still ache all over. Bleh.

Wanda is in Eugene, at the conference with Drea Leed, and I hope she's having a good time. She will be out of town next weekend and most of the week and I will probably spend much of it embroidering. I will likely spend most of the time upstairs working.

Note for the day: Fudge bars- even cheap ones- are pretty tasty. :-) That is all.


Unknown said...

I love fudge bars!

Liutgard said...

So do I! But eat too many of them! (So I flog one off on Wanda, so at least I feel like I'm sharing my dietary sins. ;-))