Saturday, September 13, 2008

A word to the wise-

Beverages and keyboards don't mix! * sigh *

Was startled by the doorbell and knocked over my glass of icewater into the keyboard. I turned it upsidedown and drained it and let it dry. And let it dry. And let it dry. Roughly 18 hours later it still wasn't working right, so I went down to Office Despot and spent $13 for a new keyboard. Old one was getting pretty grungy anyway, and last time I cleaned the keys a couple of the little clips on the underside of the big ones broke. (Yes, I am trying to justify the expense...) But the new one fits a little differently (a built-in wrist thingie is both ineffective and in the way) and will take getting used to.

Out shopping today I got:

* a copy of _Remains of the Day_ with Anthony Hopkins,
* tacks and glue to fix the velcro thing on the tourney bed slats,
* 2 pairs of jeans (Goodwill, not retail)
* an autumn wreath for the front door,
* and a keen thing that it a three-legged stand and big salad bowl on a lazy susan- I'm going to use it as a wash stand and ditch the folding stand, which is heavy to move and bulky to transport. Now just to figure out place to put my jewelry boxes, etc.
* a cheap halloween wig to play with. A shade or so lighter than my hair, but I can play and make braids from it, etc.

Wanda came home with a bunch of stuff, including a storage rack thingie that I found- perfect for sewing things- brightly colored bins on it. We'll find something to do with it, I'm sure.

I'm busy trying to clean up projects in the sewing room and get some work done, partly just to catch up and partly to get room to work on the verger's robes. Almost done with a gown that I'd cut out for James some time ago but I don't remember. I'd put a tag on it though, so I knew what it was. Moss green twill, very lovely fabric, Frankish cut. Just finishing an embroidered bit on the hem (hides the machine hemming). Getting stuff done so I can fix the tourney bed, though I have to go get another pair of hinges to fix the poster frame- the pair I got have non-removable hinges, and well, I need to be able to remove the hinges- that's sort of the point.

Next weekend is Summits Coronet, and Gemma is going with me. Should be fun, if chilly. :-)

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