Wednesday, September 24, 2008

There was Sights See'n...

So over the weekend I got to drive to scenic Central Oregon, to attend Summit's September Coronet Tourney, in Culver. Gemma and I left after she got off work (5:00) and it took us quite some time to get out of town, thanks to the traffic. (Gresham. Yikes.) Over the mountain wasn't too bad, and it was full dark before we got into Warm Springs. The fun began after we got into Madras. The directions from Madras to Culver were somewhat sketchy and heading out of Madras I was basically looking for a sign. A Sign! We saw an SCA sign, pointing left, so we turned and trundled off into the desert. After a few minutes I determined that we were not getting into Culver, nor were we likely to do so at the direction we were heading. So we turned and looped up with the main highway (97) again, and shortly found ourselves in Terrebonne. Hmm. Too far. So we turned around again and went all the way back to Madras. I stopped for directions, took a good look at a map and got an idea of where our turnoff would be, and hopped back in the car. We drove back out of town. This time the SCA sign wasn't there at all, but we founf the sign to Culver, pointing right. Picked up that road and shortly were in Culver. After a few minutes looking for the park (the sign was visible from only one direction, natch), we finally pulled in, at 20 to 11, having spent an extra 50 miles wandering around. Grr.

Event was nice and fairly low key. Laurel meeting was... a Laurel meeting. ('Nuff said.) Tourney was clean and Brian of Ledbury won, for his lady Acacia, having beaten Johannes von Langental. VESTA CAME IN 3RD!!! WOO HOO!!! Dinner was nice, dessert was yummy, we partied for Bera's birthday. I was so worn out though thatI went to bed about 10:30. Really.

Drive home Sunday was pretty- we got to see the stuff in the daylight that we'd missed in the dark. Lots of sage. Lots of cows. Gorgeous canyons going through near Warm Springs. And the mountain was pretty too. We stopped in Rhodedendron for something to eat which was nice as I was completely sapped of energy. I got home about 7 and pretty much fell over.

Today I spent two hours at the Democratic Party main office, selling Obama schwag tofolks and answering the phones. Couple of weird/funny calls and a couple of people just wanted to bend my ear about how awful things are and how Obama _has_ to win. Hey, no argument with me there!

I just got a note from my sister saying that she's filed for divorce. Hit me pretty hard. Wow. I hope her boys are ok.

So, think there'll be a debate Friday? 50 cents there won't be...

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