Wednesday, March 5, 2008

And Jabba sez...

Cookie good. (But I think that Jabba *ate* Solo...)

Well, Hillary is still alive in the primary race, which actually surprised me a bit. I expected Obama to take Texas- I know Ohio was in the air.
Fifty cents we end up with no clear nominee going into the convention. Could be exciting! When the last time that happened, '68?

So, lemme see... David got notice that his job is going away 30 April. After the initial shock, he's ok. He's going to stay with the end crew- they're offering him a good-sized severance package to do so. That will give him a bit to live on while he looks for work. Hopefully he'll end up with a better job than he has and he won't get behind on paying off the debt load. Then Lydia and I can start looking at dresses...

I'm hating the bliaut project. It looks great, but I don't want to do it. I have the sides and all of those eyelet holes to do, and the beadwork on the sleeves. And there's still the beadwork on the hem to go. Bleh. I'd rather be making clothes for small boys. Maybe I'll take a break when the sleeves are done on the bliaut.

I'm re-working the materials for the Survey of the Middle Ages class, and am currently trying to put together a bibliography. So far I have seven pages and I'm not done. Got to trim it somehow. And put together new handouts. Oy.

This week we have the First Thursday, so it's Movie Night. This month we're seeing 'Name of the Rose'- I expect to have a full house. Maybe I should lay in a supply of soda and jujus and Good n Plenty. Already got the popcorn!

All right, must go upstairs and work.


Mooncat said...

"Name of the Rose," huh? Anything that combines Umberto Eco and Sean Connery can't be all bad! ;o)
Yet another reason to wish I were living in your neck of the woods would be so that some of that ambition of yours would rub off on me! Lordy, but you've got yourself a full plate of projects! I feel embarassed that all I managed to do today was feed and dress myself, run a couple of quick errands, and get my exercising in....
Time to go slink off into the deepening, grey afternoon, and pop in a Buffy dvd and do some knitting....I'd be glad to take on some of the bliaut beading for you, but there's this minor difficulty with distances, see??? :-P

Liutgard said...

Excuses, excuses... ;-)

I finished the bibliography for my class in the middle of the night last night (couldn't sleep) and now I have to redo the handouts and lecture notes. And find Father Abelard's robes. I saw them the other day, but de-cat-hairing them and finding all of the component parts is needed too.

I am beginning to hate the bliaut. Basically only because it is a real chore to do it right. And I'm compulsive that way.