Sunday, March 2, 2008

A 21st century medievalist

... is not so much a contradiction in terms so much as an anachronism. On the other hand, how do we know that 600 years in the future _we_ won't be considered the 'Middle Ages'?

I think the blogging monk here is pretty cool. As best as I can figure out from the wee tiny writing around the border, his name is Eadward. Seems to be a royal scribe? 'Scriptorum princeps' is there a couple of times. Most of the lettering is illegible, so that's what I can find.

Life here in Hotel Drachenwald has been interesting. Thursday night Gemma and her husband were here, and Morgan was here to work on stuff. Last night Morgan and Claire were here working. Tomorrow I need to finish laundry and do the grocery shopping, and then I have to get upstairs to work. I have to get more of Her Majesties' gown done, get some stuff cut out for me, and start in on Gunthar's clothes. And plan some stuff for Gryphon and Phoenix and maybe for Amalric and Caia. I do have quite a stash.

I need to borrow a quiting frame (one of the lap frames) and if it works as I hope, I may buy one for myself. I'm planning to do embroidery, pearl work, and applique on Gunthar's gown, and if it works, I'll do it more.

I have some stuff planned for James too- some Frankish gowns and maybe some 12th c. In my copious amounts of spare time, of course.

Life is not so fun down south- David got notice that his office is closing and his job ends on 30 April. They're offering a hefty severance package if he will stay to the bitter end, and he's planning to go for it, as that will give him a bit of a cushion for his job-hunting time. I called him this evening- he's better than he was the other night just after he heard the news. Now that he's over the shock, he's re-grouping and making plans. Smart young man. I like him.

I lost my shrink this week- Anna is taking another job and leaving Lifeworks. Thursday was he last day. I hate having to break in a new caregiver. Sure hope I get someone reasonable.

Waiting to see what happens in Texas and Ohio on Tuesday. Will Hillary be issuing a concession speech, or digging in?


Eh, Steve! said...

... I wish I had a shrink... i wounder if my insurance will cover one...

Liutgard said...

Might, or might not. Some plans won't cover mental health. I think the first step is to see your regular doctor (if nothing else but to rule out stuff like thyroid or blood sugar problems)- explain how you're feeling and why you'd like so see a mental health professional, and ask for a referral. And go from there.

If you need to talk to someone, you could call yer old mum, who is pretty good at listening and who has been there, yanno?

Unknown said...

I wish I had insurance... any insurance.

I sent the kiddies a nice envelope today. Hope 'tis helpful.