Thursday, December 6, 2007

Put that kid to work already!

Letting him lay around blowing spit bubbles means an eventual life on welfare, watching Maury Povich, eating cheetos out of the sack and washing them down with Bud Light, right?

(The look on the kid's face says it all...)

Oh man, what a week.

Zippy went off to get glow-plugs, which was Very Good, as she had flat out refused to start just before Thanksgiving. We got her back in time (barely) before Wanda went off to the Annual Training Conference.

I had another blood draw. Talked to Dr Becher's nurse this last Wednesday, and she says that I should hear from sometime Friday. Bleh. Irritating part about getting a blood draw is that they can't get it out of my arms anymore. Had to take it out of the back of my hand, which HURTS. I saw a nutritionist last Thursday (at Dr Becher's behest) to find out what I already knew. But I'm already cutting fat, pretty much cut red meat, and only eating chicken a couple of times a week. Not helping the cholesterol levels. Boo. And I saw Anna on Tuesday of this week, and we're adjusting the Lamictal up and the Lithium down. Yay. More med adjustments...

Four of us met up here at 11 last Saturday and drove out to the yearly openhouse sale at Pastiche. Morgan spent a small fortune. Cathy bought about a foot tall of books. Claire got a book or two. I got three cheap ones (two were Frankish books that Annie has that I wanted copies of my own, and the other was a paper copy of Bullfinches Mythology). We stopped on the way back into town so I could hit the bank, then we got pizza materials. Came back and decompressed awhile, made pizza, went upstairs and puttered (Morgan got her cloak completely finished, Cathy did a bunch of reading and note-taking on 12th c German clothes, Claire scribbled notes for this weeks' lesson plans, as she just landed a short gig filling in someone's maternity leave). Watched the first two tapes of Charlemagne. Cathy and Morgan went home and Claire and I talked till about 4:30am. We crashed and then went to Cameo for breakfast. Both exhausted, and had a great time. Of course I slept most of Sunday and Monday...

The storm came in Saturday (we drove in a mix of snow and rain on our way to Pastiche and back) and made a heck of a racket Sunday and Monday. Rain rain rain rain rain. Flooding all over Oregon and Washington- they've had to close down a huge section of I-5, and they're detouring traffic between here and Portland out to hwy 14, up 97, and over on I-90. Heck of a detour! The Oregon Coast is a mess- large sections are cut off from inland by mudslides and down trees. And speaking of down trees, Robert and Ilonka lost their van to a tree. No people hurt, just metal.

I finished Ned's dress, just have to press it. Looks really sharp- brown wool with yoke and cuffs of copper taffeta. Very nice.

Thursday really sucked. I went out to run errands, and when picking up a present for Stephen, my debit card was denied. They ran it as a credit. Still denied. Fortunately I had just enough cash to pay for it and leave, and then I went straight to my bank. My account had been frozen. We waited *2 HOURS* on hold, as the lines to Corporate in Seattle are all messed up due to the flooding, etc. Finally got through to the Fraud Prevention guy who says that sometime Monday, someone who had my card number and PIN attempted through an ATM to pull over $500 out of my account. The machine refused and froze my account. (Sure wish they'd called me!) So we got cash and check transactions un-froze, and I will be getting a new card in the next week or two.

So the whole time I kept telling myself that it would be ok, that we'd straighten things out, and then that I wasn't actually out any money- just inconvenienced. So why am I so friggin' angry about it? I have to admit that I'd like to find whoever tried to empty my account and punch them in the face. And while I sometimes get angry, this is a lot more than usual. And the deep breathing isn't helping. I really need a neck and shoulder massage but my favorite masseur is not here. :-(

So by the time I finally got out of the bank, it was too late to go to the grocery store- I had to run home, grab something quick to eat, and run back out to make it to the Laurel meeting on time. (Wanda was not home yet- she got out of work at 7:10) I was the only one there who wasn't from Stromgard (it was held at their Baroness' house). This was the meeting before 12th Night. You'd think more people would have showed up.

Went to Safeway on my way home, and the checker acted like he'd never seen a paper check before. <>

I really want to get a tub of rice pudding and eat the whole thing, but I can't do it, thanks to my cholesterol levels. That sucks.

Tonight (Thursday) is Movie Night, and I hope to have some takers. Would be nice to have an excuse to have a little teeny bit of ice cream.

And now, I think I'll take more ibuprofen and go back to bed. :-P

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