Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Medieval Chicken Dance

These guys are so funny- every time I look at the picture it just makes me laugh! Get a load of those platform shoes! And the patterned hose, especially worn with the striped tunic on the left. And then there's the peacock.What on earth is going on with that? It looks like the guy holding him is about to slaughter him, but it makes no sense in the context. The picture is Iberian, 11th-early 12th century. Maybe the Spanish had a tradition of dancing with their poultry before killing them...

Stephen was here over the weekend. We didn't do a whole lot- he was on Vicodin for a dental problem and was kinda out of it. We did go to Powell's, which is always dangerous. But a couple of cool books came home with me, so it wasn't a wasted trip. And we had manicotti Sunday night, the leftovers of which Stephen took home with him, so he accomplished his goal. :-)

The new Frankish outfit is coming along nicely- the undergown is done, and the neck, cuffs, and hem are decorated with a broken chainstitch in gold floss. The over gown is pretty close to done- the cuffs and the center stripe are on and are also decorated with the broken chain. I have to set a neckline on it, sew up the side seams and hem it. It should be done for Crown Council this weekend.

Well, it seems to be official- Wanda is not going to do the Turkey Friday this year. The ATC is right after that weekend, and she's seriously flapped about that. We may do something later in the holiday season though. Considering a 12th Night Pity Party, among other things. It appears though that Annie is going to throw an 'Orphan's Thanksgiving' there in Brooklyn, which will involve much cooking. I think she's done a turkey before, but I don't know about the rest.

Now I'm hungry for turkey. And gravy. And potatoes... drat that cholesterol! Boo! I may have to cheat and do penance thereafter...


Mooncat said...

Drat it, now *I've* got turkey day cravings, and nary a feast in my future, either. *sigh*
What's this "Turkey Friday" that Wanda's not doing this year? The 12th Night Pity Party sounds fun! Too bad you're a plane trip away! (uh...supposing that I'd get an invite, of course!)
And when are you going to post pictures of your new Frankish goodness?
I'm not even going to ask what a Crown Council'd just betray my out-of-kingdom ignorance. again. :o)

Liutgard said...

Turkey Friday is basically a Thanksgiving dinner with 'chosen family'. We usually have somewhere in the neighborhood of 18-20 crammed into the living room with doors-and-sawhorses. Fun, but a buttload of work.

Hey, if I thought you could make it, of course you'd be invited! Don't be so silly!

Hoping to get pics of the new Frankish stuff soon.

And Crown Council is basically the slate of meetings that happen at a Crown event, but minus the fun stuff. :-P I need to go because I missed the last few Kingdom meetings. (We're big enough we have regional meetings too.) And there's court. Meetings and Court. Bleh.

Mooncat said...

Oh, duh! I remember you mentioning Turkey Friday when I visited last year (dunno why I misplaced the memory....) I can sure visualize that many people crammed into your house! Maybe we could do a "virtual" Turkey Friday?
Artemisia really doesn't do anything similar to your Crown Councils--probably more a matter of smaller populations than anything. We used to have an event (held in late spring/early summer) at which the kingdom calendar was set, and peers' circles were held, as well as other meetings (seneschals, chroniclers, etc.) but it proved to be unnecessary and was eventually discontinued. Meetings and court, bleh indeed!
I'm looking forward to your Frankish pictures. I need to start taking piccies of my own schtuff, and posting them on my own poor, stunted little blog. Provided I can figure out *how*, of course! Today would be a good day for internet work (it's snowing out there...not exactly conducive to finishing my yard work), but I'm hearing the siren call of my spinning wheel and some Firefly DVD's.....