Monday, August 20, 2007

But I'm not even unpacked yet!

Since Annie has begun the mocking, I suppose I should put up a post.

I slept pretty much all day today, attempting to recover from the weekend. We went to the Sport of Kings, here in Three Mountains, which is basically a four-day collegium for fighters. (Mostly- there were a few non-martial classes too.) James took classes, and I mostly cooked. Saturday night I fed 16 (at least I think that was the final count), and did it with two Coleman stoves. Heh.

We had:

Perre (a pea soup)
A Tart of Greens (a quiche with spinach and mustard greens)
Chyken in Hocchee (chicken stuffed with garlic and grapes)
Chicken in Oranges and Lemons (and an assortment of spices)
Beef Y-Stewed (beef stewed with red wine, currants, onions, and spices)
Losyns (lasagna noodles layered with cheese and spices)
A dish of carrots and mustard greens (I had to wing it- the fennel for the dish I'd planned had gone bad)
Strawbereye Tart (strawberry puree, eggs, sugar, breadcrumbs- comes out Barbie pink and very tasty)
Rice Pudding
Cheesecake (with blackberries)

All of the recipes (except the carrots) were from 14th-15th c texts. Was very tasty. And I have determined that James and Amalric together are a danger to Western Society. Add Korwyn and you approach critical mass.

(And it rained during pack-up. The Volvo is still half-full of damp gear and I have no stamina for cleaning up yet.)


Cato said...

Sounds yummy. And people say period food doesn't work...

Liutgard said...

Hey, even the picky 13-year-old ate it! And Amalric and Caia's boys happily ate leftover rice pudding for breakfast!