Sunday, April 26, 2009

Things not to do:

1. Don't tug on Superman's cape
2. Don't spit into the wind
3. Don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger
4. Don't mess around with Slim

5. And never, never look up at the sky and yell "What next?!"

This has been the week of nausea. Here I am, at 3:30am, finishing off a bowl of yogurt in hopes that it will settle my stomach so I can sleep. So far no luck I think Monday I will break down and call Dr Becher and see about the anti-nausea drugs she mentioned. I hate nausea almost as much as I hate twitching, and I will do almost anything to not throw up.

So far I am not being successful in dealing with this.

In other news:

Saturday we had the work party here. I draped a cotehardie pattern for Liadan and cut out a bunch of stuff for Helena. Then I made pizza while Wanda helped Cat with her bodice. Too many hours on my feet- it was pretty exciting when I finally got my shoes off.

I spent the rest of the week not really getting much done but sleeping, except for printing out a pile of pool info for the other ladies at the pool--

This was the last week at the pool. Pretty depressing. I think I'm going to check into the Providence program further, but probably not until after I get home from---

New York! Yup, I'm going to see Annie, the 4th thru the 8th of May. Looking forward to goofing off, maybe eating pie, seeing some museums, visitng people, and maybe eating some pie... and did I mention pie?

I've seen the new Harry Potter trailer several times- looks like the sixth movie is going to be really good. And I've also seen some shots from on-location shoots for the first part of the seventh movie- so far, so good! The dress that they have Hermione wear for Bill and Fleur's wedding is really nice. I want one!

Off for another try at the sleeping thing...

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