Thursday, April 2, 2009


I always swore I wouldn't get into the social-networking sites, because they're a time sink and I don't need that.

Famous last words.

I'm up to 61 'friends' now, friends, family, etc. And spending too much time reading and commenting and taking silly quizzes. How can it be that 'What Looney Tunes character are you?' turns out to be Daffy Duck (woo-hoo!) but 'What Muppet are you?' was Sam Eagle? (Even Karl and Linda said I was definitely Sam Eagle. Pout.)

In other news, the pool was c-c-c-c-old Weds and those of us who stayed only lasted about 40 minutes. And the locker room was cold too, which is in the 'insult-on-injury' range for me. I came home and went back to bed just to get warm. And it's been cold and rainy a lot the past couple of weeks, which makes it even easier to pull the covers over my head.

A little more than a week until Lent is over. I can hardly wait. Think I'll celebrate at Burgerville.

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