Saturday, January 26, 2013

And just when you thought I was gone...

All right, I've been busy. And sucked majorly into Facebook. Which is the same thing, right?

We had a wedding! Phil and Annie had a lovely wedding here in Portland. We had an election. (THANK *GOD* THAT IS OVER!) I had a birthday. (meh.) There were Holidays. And then Twelfth Night. Joy. And now there will be a short period of rest before the next round hits. Ready? Ok. Well, that was a nice little rest, wasn't it?

I baked a lot of brownies this fall, for Jefferson Smith (that really is his name, and he ran for Portland Mayor) and for some guy in Washington DC with a weird name and a decent jump shot. Jeff lost, sadly. (Next time, dude!) And the President got another four years. I guess the time off for good behavior gets to happen in 2017.

Some pictures:

Wedding- 9-29-12
Phil and Annie. So sweet!

Tangoing at the reception... they'd been practicing for some time!
The girls got in on the dancing too!

Phil's origami bride and groom, and the fantabulous cake!

My sister was there (dancing with Annie), and my mom flew out too. And Phil's brother (in blue shirt) and his mom came from NYC.

And James drove up. (Where did I find this fabulous guy?)

More news and more pictures in next post!

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