Sunday, July 10, 2011

Three Things!

1. I has a new desk chair! Well, new to me. And mostly new. Found it at Goodwill- it had been a return at Target, why it was at Goodwill, I don't know. But it is mine now! Fairly stripped down, no padding, VERY low back. I have to sit up- can't lean back. I figure this is actually likely to be good for my back. It was a little more than I wanted to pay, but it was still in the box, unassembled, basically brand new.

The box said it was *koff* orange, and I will admit that was a selling point. Turns out to be more of a Chinese Red than orange, but I like that too, so we're cool. :-)

And if it helps my back, we're waaaaay ahead of the game...

2. I also found a pitcher- pumpkin orange, of course, and it caught my eye. But I stopped dead in my tracks when I realized the pattern on the side was A Laurel Wreath. O.M.G. And then I picked it up and saw that inside the Laurel wreath was- Thea will like this- a Bee. One was Nifty, the second was Oh Yes!, and the third... FATE! It went home with me. ;-)

3. Today was Father Lin's last Sunday- he is leaving to take an interim position in San Francisco. Apparently this sort of dropped in his lap and the timing and everything was just right. I however... he and Marla are the first clerics I've trusted in years. Decades even. (Father Augustine doesn't count- he was my Professor, not my pastor.) It takes a long time for me to feel comfortable and supported, and now I have to get used to someone else. Mother Alcena will be filling in for a bit, and I'm getting to know her a bit, but still, this is really hard. I cried my way through the service and then cried some in the parking lot before I left for brunch.

So I expect to feel a bit discombobulated for a bit. I hate change, and this one is going to be hard.

I have stuff about the War, which I will write up later, maybe after I've had something to eat...

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