Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Carolingian 4-H Club!

Ok, not necessarily 4-H, but not far from it! I've been working from this text-, the Capitulare de Villis. It is an inventory and basic instructions for how the various estates belonging to the Emperor (e.g. Charlemagne) are to be managed. Animal husbandry, field and vineyard supervision, etc, with a long list of what things are to be planted in the gardens and orchards. Completely fascinating document- I've been busy with it now for a couple of weeks.

Other than that, mostly I've either been sleeping (not feeling so good), or sewing. So far I have two very formal black gowns done for Gabriel and Sumayya. They're modeled on German style from the 12th century, with heavy contrasting bands across the chest, upper arm, sleeve and hem. We found some silk with a patterned embroidery and knots, in an olive green taffeta with gold embroidery. It worked perfectly. I'm working on the undergowns now. His black one is done, and I'm busy hemming hers. Next I think is their chemises/undershirts. And I have some stuff to get done before Egils, so I can do some fitting, etc there. Also looking for a couple of clear days so I can re-waterproof the pavilion roof, but no luck so far. :-(

James is supposed to be coming up this weekend, and we're planning to go to the little event out in the Gorge (Hauksgaard). They have nice events, small and low-key. I just have to remember to bring the dayshade in case of rain!


Christine Taylor said...

This is outstanding! I'm using it to flesh out my persona's holdings -- as modest as they may be compared to His Majesty's.

Christine Taylor said...
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